BCTVDD: HBO Max/WBD/DCU Update: The Good, The Bad, and Casey Bloys

BCTVDD: HBO Max/WBD/DCU Update: The Good, The Bad, and Casey Bloys

After weeks of rumors, innuendos, accusations, and some downright "Red Wedding"-like predictions, President & CEO David Zaslav and his Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) held their all-important 2Q financial earnings call. And when the dust settled, and other televisions within the DCU found themselves in exactly the same position they were in before the earnings call. So let''s get an eye on the highlights from the call and what they might mean the bad and the bad. Why should you

GOOD: People had to maintain their jobs at least for now. Considering the discussion around the industry this week leading up to the earnings call, a lot of individuals were preparing to lose their jobs. We can''t lose sight of that. Because as much as it feels to discuss these things from a distance (and it is fun), we must always pause and remember that when decisions like these are made.

THE GOOD: Zaslav heard what was being said out there. Apparently, the social media buzz reached Zaslav, who made it a point of emphasising HBO''s original content. It sounds like WBD is willing to put money-to-mouth: "We''re going to spend dramatically more this year and next year than we had previously planned."

"There was a bit of interest today about HBO Max, and our objective is to embrace and support each episode and then continue to deliver exceptional results." It''s really to Casey [Bloys] and the team''s culture, but they also work with all the creatives to make the content and storytelling as strong as possible. It''s at a very unique moment. We believe it is an extraordinary advantage, and an extraordinary advantage."

Early reports suggest that WBD isn''t looking to make any significant changes to its Originals strategy or line-up beyond how its operations had already been functioning before, although it''ll take place in a few areas we''ll get to in a few minutes.

BUT, there''s a DCU plan As long as some folks are avoiding yet another "DC 10-year-plan," isn''t it exactly what the DCU requires? Because Zaslav, as a defender of the DC brand, is able to demonstrate what works and give credit where credit is due when he name-dropped Kevin Feige and what they did to make the MCU a success. If you want "Justice League Dark, Constantine, Madame X, or to become involved, then that

"Our objective is to bring Warners back to life and to produce great high-quality films, and as we look at the possibilities that we have widen, DC is one of the world''s top clubs. "We have made a difference. We''ve changed the business. We''ll focus on this.

We''re going to establish a 10-year program that is focused on DC. It''s quite similar to how Alan Horn and Bob Iger developed, therefore we are likely to build a long-term business out of it. As part of this, we''re not going to release any film until it''s finished. However, we''re not going to release a film before it''s ready. We''re not going to release any film before it''s finished, but we''re now focused on it. We''re

THE BAD: For family-friendly and animated content, the news isn''t good. Along with straight-to-streaming movies (as we saw with ), WBD has been focusing on kids/family live-action & animation content for cost-saving measures. While that should aid fans sleep better for now and help calm the nerves of fans a bit, that''s not a good sign for &.

THE BAD: WTF with that slide? First? If you are going to include it, this was probably the worst way to do it, and you should provide information about what your data source was, how it was collected, and how it pushed people off, causing them to feel excluded and overlooked. It wasn''t what you planned but it was how it was perceived. Before the truth has a chance to save you, however, you are able to show it here.

THE AGE OF BLOYS: If you don''t know who HBO & HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys is, then we suggest you get to know him real quickly because that''s the name we''re going to be hearing a lot more from. "Quality is what matters," Zaslav said of Bloys'' ability to relate to talent, to enhance content, and to his leadership. "You see it in what''s been coming out of HBO, and how it affects culture and things

What''s important about Bloys'' five-year deal, which means Zaslav is putting a lot of faith in him. And it''s clear that it''s clear that Bloys is now the face of HBO and HBO Max scripted content moving forward, successes and failures. So, combine Bloys'' (the line-up of award-winning, critically-acclaimed and beloved series under his run is pretty impressive) with Zaslav''s serious confidence in his "unicorn" abilities, and it''

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