Jacqui Purvis' Home and Aways show off her SHOCK new start for Flick!

Jacqui Purvis' Home and Aways show off her SHOCK new start for Flick!

Felicity "Flick" Newman''s new venture is preparing to start her on a whole new chapter when she offers to buy into one of the bays best-loved companies.

After the horrific events in Salt, struggling owner Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) believed she would be retiring from her job as the restaurant owner.

Mac has found a suitable investor for the deteriorating business despite escaping a prison term for unlawful activities. In a strange decision she decides to sell up.

Mac will be discharged on a sinking ship due to a bold new plan, which includes her inheritance from her late father, to become the Salts'' new co-owner!

When Flick arrived in the bay, she wasn''t aware what she wanted to do, and she didn''t even have any goals set.

She was joking a bit of fun, getting a job here and there, and just being chilled and seeing what happened.

This is the first time she has returned and thought, but I actually want to do this for the time being, and i am good at it!

It''s really rewarding to see her make this journey come true, and she''s got her eyes set on something she wants to commit to.

Mac is extremely grateful to Felicity for assisting her in resurrecting her restaurant, but their co-ownership gets off to a rough start when Mack wants to play things safe.

Felicitys'' desire to relaunch the restaurant with a bang has been irritated!

Flick isn''t very good at having a filter, therefore she says a lot of things and has a lot of ideas that sometimes she fails to really think through, according to Jacqui.

Salt is Macs baby, she has been making the decision herself so long now, and it has become a habit.

Before I can make a decision, I need to talk with somebody else before you get a chance.

When Dean Thomson (Patrick OConnor) reminds her that she must stop being such a control freak, she accepts to have an open mind.

After the poker nights ended in terror when high roller Peter PK King tried to harass her, Mac''s was a potentially beneficial money spinner! That''s all to Felicity.

Mack gained a lot of trust because she demonstrated herself in the way that she can make things happen and in addition to raising money to the business.

She makes great ideas and they pass through. Its just there was a bit of a mix up and a miscommunication and other things happened!

Felicity''s old friends come together to play their band Lyrik, and she has an off-the-wall desire to host a music night.

It might really transform the restaurant''s image. But will Mac please listen?

Salt must be restarted. They must come up with something fresh and fresh and still assist Mack through those money difficulties, so Flicks is trying and she''s really putting herself out there," says Jacqui.

Mac is kind of the books, the brains, and the stats behind it, whereas Flick is kind of the heart and the soul in the way of energy and just passion.

It''s cool to see these two approaches and how they work together. I believe that they get their level out, and they help each other and support each other.

In saying that it can also cause a lot of friction! They both are attempting to work out how to manage this partnership and move forward.

Felicity is now in a more comfortable role than previously, but Jacqui is concerned that there are still plenty of twists and turns on the way!

I cant say too much, but what I can say is that you will certainly see more of the beautiful boss woman transition between Flick and Mac, which is just amazing to see on television.

Then there''s a storyline with a few dreadful characters who come into the bay and absolutely stir the pot and make Flicks life pretty hard!

They get in the way of people she really cares about. You will have to keep an eye on that!

On Channel 5, airs weekdays at 1:15 pm and 6:00 pm on 5Star, followed by a ''first look'' episode on 5Star at 6:30 pm.

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