A quick video featuring all of the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news

A quick video featuring all of the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news

Nintendo''s Pokemon Presents stream has been condensed.

The other day, a lengthy Pokemon Presents video that dwindled into and spread: now we have a dive into that mainline focus while eliminating all the other things. The world overview, the video was put up separately the day after the presentation, and serves as a six-minute rundown of theand bits.

Here is a recap of the various topics covered in the daily grind.

  • The overview of the partner legendary system, which allows you to use the new box legendaries as vehicles (land, sea, and air)
  • A breakdown of the story, and how youre playing the role of a student at either the Naranja () or Uva () academy
  • There are eight gyms, three stories, and no set path for conquering the gyms and story progression
  • An intro to some of the cast (Professors Sada and Turo, Director Clavell, Mr. Jacq, your friend Nemona, Arven the upperclassman, Penny the shy student, and Grusha the ice type gym leader)
  • A reminder of some existing old Pokemon, as well as the regional Wooper Paldean form, Fidough, and Cetitan
  • Footage of the multiplayer function, involving co-op with up to three people and raid battles
  • The Terastal gimmick, where Pokemon crystalize and can change types

Im quite intoand, mostly due to the promise of the partner exploration system and multiplayer in tandem. It sounds like a good time to just connect with someone and roam around the Paldea area.

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