This Mario 64 first-person horror game is enthralling

This Mario 64 first-person horror game is enthralling

You rise slowly into the castle, holding a lantern in your gloved hand. You creep up the stairs into a stained glass windows. Then, turn to leave, the terrifying ghost of Princess Peach lurches through the doorway to dissuade yourself. Game Over.

Another Princess Is In Our Castle is a horror game based on the N64 classic Super Mario 64, which involves exploring Peach''s famous castle in the first person, discovered by Nintendo Life.

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The aim of the game is to collect eight statuettes around the castle, all while avoiding the stalking ghost of Peach by hiding in chests and conserving your limited stamina.

"It appears that Peach died a few years ago and now the castle is empty. Or rather, it should be empty, but Peach''s calamity still haunts the halls," says the game''s description.

"Poate Mario should contact his brother to deal with the issue, though, he''s got much more experience with ghostbusting!"

This is incredible, from the basic polygon graphics with dimmed colours to the lack of music with just Mario''s tapping shoes and Peach''s screams for company.

I''ve recently played a notorious horror game Visage, but there''s no word on it.

Is it possible to make cocky children''s things seem creepy? This is the video game equivalent.

My childhood has been declared bleak.

Another Princess Is In Our Castle - A Mario 64 Horror Game Against Peach!

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