Descenders is a roguelike setting but a charming mountain biking game

Descenders is a roguelike setting but a charming mountain biking game

I don''t think Descenders is useful for me personally, but I enjoy doing it. It''s a downhill mountain biking game with incredible speed and even more dangerous actions, including shoving into a rock. It''s a great way to remember that whatever way you like, expectations and concerns are met.

Descenders is a high-speed and low-stunting downhill mountain biking. Its main activity is a roguelikelike career campaign, where you cross paths between mysterious nodes on maps to reach the end of a sector and battle a boss. The map nodes are mostly of different styles (and sometimes with bonus opportunities for progression), and the boss fight is a vile snag, losing points by crashing and regaining them on tracks.

You can begin biking in fancy riding (fast speeds, nailing tricks, and others) then choosing perks in the form of hiring "crew members." Some influence the shape of generated tracks, such as adding additional checkpoints, or alleviating obstacles. Some improve your bike handling, while others improve off-road performance or bunny-hopping higher. Other affect the campaign map, such as scouting more map nodes farther ahead.

It''s fun to race downhill while the bike is stiff at speed, and nailing a corner is rewarding. Stunting involves a delicate touch to properly roll and align your bike, while riding a fine line between hot tricks and catastrophic ragdolling. This is felt even better if you choose the first-camera person, who has to intuit and trust that you have righted yourself (it certainly makes me wish the Riders Republic excellent cycling didn''t cut to third-person for tricks).

Descenders is now available on Game Pass, so if you''re a subscriber, you''d be better off having a peek at cool stunts.

After playing for a few hours, I''ve found little interest or pleasure in a track or a campaign. You don''t need to take risks at all, but make sure you avoid the end. The health system discourages taking risks, which discourages doing bonus objectives because the reward for risking your neck is one of the most common reasons for this game.

The campaign map information, however, doesn''t interest me when I''ll cycle whichever way I prefer on tracks anyway. Cosmetics will be more efficient (especially on big boss jumps), but it doesn''t bother me. I''d rather throw everything away and lark about on a dead-end run than be mired in in boring long-term planning. A game that offers uninteresting decisions is worse than offering none.

Descenders does have a track generation mode, but it''s less fun because you don''t see other players'' ghosts in the game. I''d still prefer that the core mode not be too bland. I''d still prefer to see other players in the race but this is in some ways more of a Trackmania fashion.

I suspect that many players are here for a good time, not a long time. When Brendy played, he liked to stunt about, but didn''t care for the roguelike dressing or unlocking cosmetics. I think that''s fine. If a game has enough strong features for you to enjoy it your own way, that''s great.

Although I did notice a game called Bicycle Rider Simulator hit Steam today, no. No. I''ve seen many kinds of cycling, many techniques and riders. In many games, I took a serious game and tried to turn into a form by cycling in a strange way I wanted. I was happy to be on a bicycle, as I am in real life.

Some people have concerns about getting expensive bikes and flash kits, or about not being speedy enough, or not being brave enough, or not taking it seriously enough, or not doing a''proper'' kind of cycling. I''ve tried to share it all. I''m sure you''ve already experienced this feature.

Is your bike a joy? Is it possible to get together some time? Real bikes or game bikes, your choice.

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