Saul S06E12 Images All Gene; How Breaking Bad Reunion Meets

Saul S06E12 Images All Gene; How Breaking Bad Reunion Meets

After the S06E11 "Breaking Bad" ended, it''s not surprising that we might spend a little longer with Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) on Monday, where the lead actress of Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn returns, leaving us feeling that there''s going to be a whole lot going on before the series finale. Here''s a look at the images and how this week''s big reunion fits into the context we''ve already known

For those interested in learning more about the scenes now shared between and, check out the two videos below for a better understanding of just how excellent Cranston and Paul''s returns were handled:

Odenkirk was asked if Cranston and Paul were going to show up earlier this week. "It''s just the start. There''s more of them," he said. "I like that everybody sees them, then they go, "Great. We did it we saw them again!" Odenkirk said. "You never know what''s going to happen next on our show." So don''t be surprised by the last I''m telling you, you haven''t."

Here''s a look at the Gilligan-written and directed fantasy show "Waterworks" next week. Consider how this week''s episode ended, and let''s just say it''s answering a call at Gene''s home. Here''s a few of our in-real-time thoughts and observations from "Breaking Bad."

To commemorate this stunning S06E11 reunion, we''ve got some shots from behind the scenes of the episode, featuring Odenkirk, Cranston, Paul, Gilligan, and episode writer and director Thomas Schnauz.

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