In two weeks, Frank Miller's first Ashcan will be available on comic stores

In two weeks, Frank Miller's first Ashcan will be available on comic stores

The first digital publishing imprint, created and curated by Frank Miller, with former DC publisher Dan DiDio as publisher, is now out at comic book stores in twelve days time, Wednesday, the 17th of August. This original 32-page comic, with a suggested retail price of $1, will be shipped to retail stores, free of charge, as an introduction to Frank Miller, through Diamond Comic Distributors, so copies will be shipped to Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. There will be 12,000 copies between

The 32-page Ashcan Edition will include two original stories, including: Frank Miller, Philip Tan, and Daniel Henriques, and Ancient Enemies by Dan DiDio, Danilo Beyruth, and Alex Sinclair, as well as sneak peeks from their other upcoming series.

"This is a celebration of art and comics, and my intention to continue to serve as a producer," Miller said. Everything about this ashcan, from the narrative style to the look and feel of the book, says comics to me.

The 10-page Ronin Book II story reveals Frank Miller''s original series, originally published by DC Comics. It follows Casey McKenna''s adventures as she travels across America''s ravaged landscape in search of the new Ronin.

The 17-page book from The Ancient Enemies is a prequel to the events in the future series. It reveals the secrets behind a thousand-year-old galactic conflict before the primary combatants arrived on earth and threatened their existence.

"I''ve wanted to do my series for a while, and to do it with a company I worked with is a dream come true." Didio has added that while Diamond distributes additional copies for purchase.

"Frank Miller and Frank Miller Ink have a long history of independence and innovation while working with other publishers. It is a special time to see the properties under the Frank Miller Ink umbrella being published by Frank himself," said Silenn Thomas, the CEO of Frank Miller Ink.

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