Locations anduses of the Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster

Locations anduses of the Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster

For a few key characters, the Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact is a difficult-to-find Ascension material. It is limited to Mondstadt, but although there are comparatively few locations where you can find them, the actual gathering process is far less tedious than other materials.

Aster from Windwheel is a windwheel manufacturer.

Windwheel Aster uses

The Traveler''s character Ascension material, Bennett, and Sucrose are all part of the Wind Catcher crafting recipe. The item allows you to get Anemograma and the Anemo firefly things to make an updraft.

Regardless of their fact, it is essential for the Travler, so if you want to utilize the player character, you may expect to get a few of these Mondstadt specialties.

locations in Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster

Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster locations

Windwheel Aster grows in four main areas across Mondstadt. Stormterrors Lair Windwheel Aster locations

Locations for Stormterrors Lair Windwheel Aster

The asters near the Stormterrors domain are mostly dotted around the edges of the valley. As always, to use the teleport waypoints as a starting point, and gradually work out from there. The locations are open, therefore there are no fancy acrobatics required to grab them.

Locations for the Windrise Windwheel Aster

Check out the Vanessas tree and the riverbank to see if these are correct. There are quite a few individuals who are close together.

Other Windwheel Aster locations

A small collection of asters sits on the northwest shore of Starfell Lake in a small radius around the Dawn Winery Statue of the Seven and two nearby. Flora, the flower seller in Mondstadt, sells five Windwheel Aster for three days.

Farming with Windwheel Aster

Windwheel Aster farming

Windwheel Aster has returned after two real-world days. As always, to use the teleport waypoints as a starting point and gradually work out from there. These are less complicated to harvest than other plants, such as Violetgrass, but the farm routes are relatively straightforward.

Once you have the Serenitea Pot, you may also harvest Windwheel Aster seeds for the Luxuriant Glebe plot. Upon completion, in Inazuma, you can complete the Art of Horticulture quest to get the Seed Dispensary gadget. When you equip this item and collect certain plants, including the Windwheel Aster, you get both the flower and its seeds, which you can then plant in the teapot.

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