Diogo Jota's 'gamer' celebration in FIFA23 was put on the bench by EA

Diogo Jota's 'gamer' celebration in FIFA23 was put on the bench by EA

This one''s a bit Inception: EA has placed Diogo Jota''s real life ''gamer'' celebration in FIFA 23 - a celebration in which Jota is retaliated for playing FIFA.

Background: After 97 seconds, Jota had to quit a FIFA 22 tournament early to play a real-life match. After scoring, he performed a gamer celebration.

Jota continues his excellent form in front of goal by adding a second goal later in the first half. Liverpool went on to win 4-0.

Jota did nothing wrong with the celebration pic.twitter.com/H36v7CdafB.

Jota''s next opponent in the FIFA 22 tournament, then Yanis "Lyamoo" Aguili, an 18-year-old French player, took to Twitter to reveal the chat between the two players just before the game.

Jsuis mort je joue diogo jota au 4eme round mais y me laisse la win psk il a match avec liverpool a 16h c nimp@DiogoJota18 pic.twitter.com/cT0ZKQbHlt

Jota and Aguili were set to compete in an online qualifier for the FIFA 22 Global Series.

Jota''s appearance in the tournament was a publicity stunt. As Eurogamer has stated, the Portuguese isn''t just a world class footballer, he''s a world class FIFA player.

Jota was ranked #1 in the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions tournament in February last year, having finished 30-0 once more in the weekend league (winning 30 matches without losing in FUT''s most aggressive competitive mode is the kind of record the pro FIFA players achieve).

"It''s been like another passion of mine since my dad gave me my first PlayStation as a kid," Jota said of The Athletic in December 2020.

EA has confirmed that it has added Jota''s gamer celebration to FIFA 23, which you may see in the video below at the 6:30 mark.

EA is well-played. I think this one will be popular on the market!

FIFA 23 will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and S, PC, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch on Saturday 30 September. Check out our FIFA 23 gameplay preview.

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