Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Is Coming To Arcade1Up

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Is Coming To Arcade1Up

The Capcom classic fighter will be available in its classic retro format, with Wi-Fi enabled, giving you all of the character in the game right from the start. However, this one will be packed with retro content, as well as additional titles, which we have listed above. This cabinet will be available before September 8th, with an official launch sometime in the Fall.

The home arcade machine is equipped with a 17-inch screen and features 56 playable characters and eight classic games, including the title game,,,, and. The Wi-Fi-connected cabinet will allow gamers to play live online against opponents anywhere, from their own machine.

"It is one of the most technological fighting games ever created," said Justin Wong, a professional fighting game player, and Arcade1Up QA Product Specialist. "There''s a lot of room available to long-time gamers, although it''s also possible to buy and play online at home. "

"We''re pleased to present this fan-favorite title alongside Arcade1Up''s other Marvel and Capcom offerings, delivering superior value for their heated face-offs in one machine," says Scott Bachrach. "We''re pleased to be able to offer this fan-favorite title exclusively alongside Arcade1Up''s other Marvel and Capcom offerings.

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