Will you purchase multiple power Rangers #100 for cards, like X-Force #1?

Will you purchase multiple power Rangers #100 for cards, like X-Force #1?

Bleeding Cool was first reported back in April when publisher Boom Studios dropped off their "Charge to 100" program. Next month, the charge will finally come to an conclusion. With "legacy numbering," Boom''s current two series bringing back everyone''s favorite "teenagers with attitude" at issue #100. Not only is the milestone issue a double-sized issue, but Boom is also bringing back nostalgia from the 90s.

Because each of the open-to-order covers of #100 will be polybagged with one of ten trading cards featuring the most popular Rangers on them. Just like #1, the cards will have two "rookie" cards for Ranger Slayer and Lord Drakkon, so that it''s a must-read for one copy. This year, the Deadpool "rookie" card from 1991 was a well-known collector.

#100 is different from X-Force #1 because each polybagged comic will also come with an exclusive art print by ''''dan Mora good, that and the fact that it has twice as many trading cards to collect.

Before you get to the incentive covers, like Mike Del Mundo, Tyler Kirkham, and InHyuk Lee, the latter two features an image of the red hot nonbinary Death Ranger.

Issue #100 is a brief outline of Ryan Parrott, a long-time Power Rangers architect, before writing a new creative team, including Melissa Flores, who has launched Dead Lucky from Image this week, and Simona di Gianfelice, a long-time Firefly singer. But Ranger fans will reunite with Parrott when he comes up with Mora in December.

With Boom on announcing at Diamond''s retailer appreciation lunch that the Charge to 100 has caused each subsequent issue of Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers to increase, along with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to e-mail multiple times over the Comic-Con weekend, there''s a lot of heat coming into Monday when retailers will finalize their orders for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100. Will they order enough for diehard Power Rangers fans to complete their trading cards?

We''ll know how to proceed with the first batch of #100 and its ten newly released trading cards FOCs this Monday, August 8.

STUDIOS JUL220308 (W) Ryan Parrott (A) Marco Renna, Moises Hidalgo, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Eleonora Carlini, and Miguel Mercado! As the team''s climactic battle against evil ensues, the lines between friend and foe are blurred! Every item from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 (Covers A-D only) has an exclusive art print, which includes a 1 copy of

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