Tamara Falco: Who is she?

Tamara Falco: Who is she?

A Netflix reality series focusing on Tamara Falco, a famous Spanish socialite,''s hectic and glamorous life.

We get a peek into the marchioness busy lifestyle, where she highlights her high-profile career, social life, and her impressive family, all while being in the spotlight.

Tamara isn''t only a rich influencer with a busy social calendar, but he''s working tirelessly to pursue her greatest passion in cooking and opening her own restaurant, tout en consacring time to pursue other careers.

If you want to know more about Tamara''s aristocratic background, including her famous half brother, then read below.

Who is Tamara Falco?

Tamara Falco is the sixth Marchioness of Grinon and is the daughter of Carlos Falco, a famous wine producer, Marquis of Grinon, and a grandee of Spain, with his wife Isabel Preysler, a famous socialite.

Tamara aptly calls her mother one of the most elegant women in Spain, and she is frequently featured on the front cover of magazines.

Tamaras'' whole life has been documented on the iHola! Magazine cover and is also known to be Enrique Iglesias, the half-sister of the world''s Spanish singing sensation.

Tamara has a gloomy resume, finding potential as an influencer, and developing her own fashion brand, despite her aristocratic reputation.

She is also a co-host of one of the country''s most successful television programs, called Casty Day).

She now works as a chef in El Rincon, a real estate house she purchased after her father died.

As the documentary progresses, we see the difficulties she encounters while building and opening a successful restaurant as she handles her other personal and professional duties.

She has also appeared in and her own reality show.

is now available on Netflix.

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