Grant Gustin Posts a Heartfelt Video on The Arrowverse Series' End

Grant Gustin Posts a Heartfelt Video on The Arrowverse Series' End

Fans of The CW''sGrant Gustin and Candice Patton-star have learned that the final remaining Arrowverse series will begin with a 13-episode series, which will be premiere this spring. "Nine seasons! Nine years of saving Central City, as part of our journey, and for everyone who supported our journey." Gustin, a showrunner and EP, said in a video on Friday afternoon. "It''s a joy to say goodbye to the film,

"Thank you to all of our Flash supporters who helped us to go this long. Let''s do one more run together," Gustin wrote in his Instagram post, but the video video that accompanied it has so much more to say to the fans and the show''s team:

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Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow/Frost) was sent to social media with a video thanking the viewers for the opportunity to participate in the show''s run, and how she''s still feeling with the news:

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After the Season 9 announcement, Wallace revealed that the finale was first written as a series-ender, but that changes were required. Now, thanks to TVLine, we''re learning what viewers would''ve seen if this was the show last week. ''We were like,'' said the president of the country, and we''re sure to keep an eye on it later.

"It''s a lot of fun to have a lot of conversation with Barry and Iris once more, especially because when it was a series finale, we had to have a much deeper conversation with Barry and Iris, dealing with the fact that they''d soon have kids. It was a bit bit sexier, and it was a lot more romantic of a scene. I really liked it."

"It would have been a lot of fun for Team Flash to play with." But when we discovered we had a season to play with, that meant, ''Oh, I can tease next year''s Big Bad?'' So that final scene [with the blue crystal] changed dramatically, and the ''Goodbye to Team Flash'' group party scene was completely removed.

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