Dinesh Shamdasani Is Not Going To Buy Them Again?

Dinesh Shamdasani Is Not Going To Buy Them Again?

A number of things have been reported on Valiant Comics yesterday, including several reports of layoffs and resignations, but no one is willing to go further than that. Valiant is not over, but it is going through a major transition. We simply don''t know who they are or what they are doing.

Dinesh Shamdasani, a former CEO who was forced out by the current owners on Twitter, asked if he wanted to buy a comic book business on the cheap. Shamdasani replied, "Been on it all week."

I''m not sure a Valiant reader who would not welcome that. But Shamdasani has his own comic book company, Bad Idea Comics. Could he be tempted to take Valiant under that wing given the opportunity? Perhaps he can only sell a few copies of his slabbed invisible comic book, #1?

The maintenance and promise of delivery to the non-fungible token from Valiant''s social media feeds are seemingly ignored. However, most crypto-customers are asking about them, without a reply.

Valiant Comics was founded in 1989 by formerMarvel Comics editor-in-chiefJim Shooterandlawyerand businessmanSteven Massarsky, publishing titles such asand. In 1994, the company was purchased by Acclaim Entertainment, publishing more titles such asand. Following Acclaim''s bankruptcy in 2004, the business was restarted by entrepreneursDinesh ShamdasaniandJason Kothariin 2005, reviving the Non-Gold Key titles and introducing new ones, likeand.

Valiant announced in 2015 that they had collaborated with Sony Pictures to produce five films based on both theandcomic books. DMG then exercised a nine-figure purchase in the company and its properties, led by LA-based CEO David Mintz. Most former Valiant executives were shown the door and set up their own new comic book publisher, Bad Idea Comics, based on a number of familiar Valiant readers. The pandemic was quite tough on Valiant, and they were the first comic book publisher to advise

Then, they had announced a regular set of titles, although it may have been too late. Valiant Entertainment also expanded into the NFT market than any other established comic book publisher, although some were concerned about their progress. Oh, and there were also sneakers.

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