"No One Has Talked to Me" About Consulting Producer, an Outlander Author

"No One Has Talked to Me" About Consulting Producer, an Outlander Author

On Thursday, STARZ notified a whole lot of fans that a new prequel series to the global phenomenon was underway. And one of the names linked to the impressive line-up of people making it happen was author Diana Gabaldon, who is set to serve as a consulting producer. Except there''s one not-so-small issue. "I have no understanding what a "Consulting Producer," Gabaldon said in a Facebook post, giving some clarity. The entire text (and you can see

Well.THIS is a great thing.

Note that I have no idea what a "Consulting Producer" is, and that no one has talked to me about being one. This doesn''t mean that I will not be involved with the program, but I have no details at the moment.

Yes, I am drafting Brian and Ellen''s story. I have no idea what the show''s duration might be, or how the show-runners plan to use the book (insofar as it exists by that point). "In development" isn''t the same thing as being green-lit; it just means they''re beginning to create the pieces.

Because Starz has officially announced it on Twitter and Facebook, it seems like everyone is interested in it.

BPMatthew Roberts will play in the prequel as well as shooting Roberts, including Maril Davis and Ronald D. Moore (with Story Mining & Supply Company also executive producing). With the writers'' room open and rolling, the series will follow Jamie Fraser''s (Sam Heughan) parents'' love story.

The "Outlander" series from season to season has captivated fans around the globe, according to the president of STARZ. If you want to see a reason why this vibrant world is so vibrant, then look no further than the worldwide streaming numbers.

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