The crossplay beta and other characters will be included in the Guilty Gear Strive roadmap

The crossplay beta and other characters will be included in the Guilty Gear Strive roadmap

Theres a lot of newcontent on the way

Evo 2022 is already underway, and Arc System Works was on the lookout today for the topic. The company laid out its intentions for the near future ofin a roadmap, which included new content and a test of some crossplay capabilities.

Arc System Works spoke a bit about the past of the day before and during a panel today. After answering a few questions and sharing some concept art, the company presented a graphic, detailing what will be done for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

In Summer 2022, a new character and additional character color are planned. Arc System Works is also trying to address several topical platform concerns. For PlayStation 5 players, this means reducing the input delay. And for Steam fighters, it''s reducing the connection time for initial server connections.

Arc System Works plans to conduct a beta test for crossplay on PlayStation 4, PS5, and Steam in Fall 2022, and the global test is expected to begin mid-September, and more information on how to join will be announced soon.

A second new character is also scheduled for the fall, and then in the Winter, a Battle Balance patch will arrive. Two new stages and two new characters are also in the works.

Strive forward

Arc System Works appears to have no intentions to slow down on the game. This weekend, the fighting game has passed its first launch anniversary, and is still showing signs of success. Evo will record the highest level in terms of registration numbers, beating out other key areas likeand.

With new information on the way, it looks likehas even more bright days ahead. Hopefully we see more who this mysterious summer character will be sometime before the weekend is over. On the Evo Twitch page, you can follow all the action in the Evo 2022 video.

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