Dawn Of The Z-Legends: Z-Awaken Teen Goku in Dragon Ball Super

Dawn Of The Z-Legends: Z-Awaken Teen Goku in Dragon Ball Super

Bandai''s long-running block has completed with a series of promo cards and starter decks, as well as a whole expansion. The set, now named (with its full name being ), is the eighteenth main set and is the first to include Zenkai Cards, otherwise known as Z-Cards. This set, along with its associated decks and promos, will take a look at some of the most intriguing upcoming cards from a collector''s perspective. Today, let''s look

Started Deck 20: Yellow Transformation, the card for The Son Goku, Growing Up Fast, is used as a special Z-Card for the deck. While this card does, indeed, grow him fairly quickly as he skips his teen years from O.G..

SSB Vegito is a new Z-card, which is also featured as the main Z-card in Starter Deck 18: Blue Future. This card reveals Goku and Vegeta''s fusion into Vegito during the battle with Zamasu in Future Trunks'' timeline. This battle saw Vegito use the power of the Gods that Goku and Vegeta had obtained, ascending to Super Saiyan Blue, giving Zamasu a run for this money.

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