In early access, Everspace 2 has released a Drake: Gang Wars update

In early access, Everspace 2 has released a Drake: Gang Wars update

The Rockfish Games program has dropped a fresh update into it as players will discover it in Early Access. The new system includes lava and ice environments, underwater exploration, several new enemy types, new status effects, and a three-chapter side quest.

The new star system features over a dozen handcrafted locations with fascinating and exciting set pieces for intense ship-to-ship combat, numerous things to discover, puzzles to solve, and challenges to master. Each division, the, and the system''s regions, each contain lava and ice areas that are enhanced gameplay features. Players are exposed to heat and frost damage as well as high pressure when going underwater.

The set of side quests is a great introduction to thesystem, and while Rockfish Games keep the final act of the campaign tight, these missions will give dedicated players a sample of what to expect in the final battle. En outre, the Early Access version of is increasing the player level cap up to 25, with three new pilot rewards as well as a few new companionperks.

Additional passives have been added for all ship sub-classes, including new secondary weapon bonus attributes. These will increase the ability for different playstyles and ship builds for all of our pilots who like to tinker. Mutators have also been added to high-risk areas for those in the area seeking further challenge. TrackIR support and AMD FSR have also been added to the game.

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