Denji, Makima, Power, and Hayakawa are shown in the Chainsaw Man trailer

Denji, Makima, Power, and Hayakawa are shown in the Chainsaw Man trailer

The promised day has arrived. MAPPA, an anime studio, hosted a livestream event to reveal its Tatsuki Fujimotos hit manga adaptation. The trailer provided fans and viewers with the most significant visualization yet. It also revealed the shows'' primary voice cast.

Thetrailer is available here.

Moments from themanga''s previous chapters are shown off. Makima and a crew of devil hunters arrive at the scene of a massacre. Her narration explains the story. Power and Aki Hayakawa are also shown off. The anime trailer closes out on a montage of battles, including the ones against the Bat Devil and Leech Devil. Aki also utilizes his contracted Fox Devil.

The trailer''s notes reveal the main voice cast, with several new and lesser-known voice actors in key roles.

  • Denji is played by Kikunosuke Toya, who played mostly background characters in and prior to.
  • Makima is played by Tomori Kusunoki, who played Yoko Tia Noto in theNetflix adaptation, Sumika in, Neiru in, and Natsume in.
  • Aki Hayakawa is played by Shougo Sakata, who played Masa inLeviathan inand Ranmaru in.
  • Power is played by Fairouz Ai, who played Jolyne Cujoh inHibiki inand Majirou in.

Other roles in Kobeni, Reze, Himeno, and Beam have yet to be revealed.

The anime will premiere in October 2022, in Japan. Crunchyroll will sulcast the series in most areas outside Japan and Asia. Viz Media is the author of the manga in English.

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