Rewind, a classic roguelike puzzle game, is a remake of Desktop Dungeons

Rewind, a classic roguelike puzzle game, is a remake of Desktop Dungeons

The old indie darling is back in 3D

The popular turn-based roguelike is coming back with a different style. Although transitioning from a quaint pixel art to a more generalised traditional 3D style (albeit with a nice new illustrated character art) the main draw was and should still be the puzzle-solving gameplay. The 3D remake was announced for Steam in 2022, according to projections.

According to the team, the objective with is to bring a game we love to new devices and modern audiences. For a long time, weve felt that we had under-served players with the resolution choices we made for back in 2011 (!!) and have had to keep it going. This is the perfect opportunity for us to address that problem while adding new features to the game to make it more enjoyable and straightforward to play.

You can, in fact, rewind

One of the most important new features in the system is the ability to rewind your turns when you die, in order to take better actions in the run-up to the boss.

When you poke around the darkness, when you pick fights, and when to double down, youll regain health and mana by exploring shrouded dungeon tiles, so it is important to move deliberately. If you play it correctly, your hero will accumulate lots of XP on lowly creeps and become powerful enough to outlast the boss.

With a variety of classes, gods, status effects, and other oh huhinteresting mechanics in the mix, its never quite that straightforward. Over time, you pick up a play style and learn to include in all of the key elements that make a successful run.

Nowadays, roguelikes and roguelites mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, and a lot of individuals are tired of all but the best of em. In my opinion, it''s a puzzle game at its core, especially now with rewinds.

The original game is currently available on Steam (out of curiosity, I checked to see the last time I played it; 2015).

Old game saves will be fully compatible with.

QCF Design has promised to deliver hundreds of hours of information, daily online challenges, the incredible soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope, all the trailer, and more.

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