Krsy Fox, an Allegoria star, is on making a comeback in terms of opportunities and opportunities

Krsy Fox, an Allegoria star, is on making a comeback in terms of opportunities and opportunities

When Krsy Fox asked for her to direct her own horror film, it was a fascinating experience, especially as a fan of the genre. While things have dramatically changed since her on-screen debut in the 2002 TV series, she hasn''t looked back, expanding her creative endeavors with the Powerman 5000 frontman to co-writing and acting,. Fox spoke to Bleeding Cool about, why horror appeals to her, and what movies she grew up on.

What appealed to you about Allegoria? Krsy Fox: Spider wrote the character of Brody with a lot of power to it, especially for a female role. I wasn''t seeing something from a woman. The beauty, the journey, and the final long scene, I got to do the end scene with the beautiful dialogue, the intensity of those moments, and the final long scene. I''m a huge fan of monster scenes, and I''m always fond of seeing him as a villain. I

BC: How does the horror genre help you to do so many things as an actor that you wouldn''t normally be able to do? Fox: I am a high-energy person, and my own anxieties come to me. In horror films, you''ll experience 50 different emotions often in a single scene. It aids me in balancing myself as a person, and it aids me towards becoming stronger. It''s absolutely liberating, and it aids you to become stronger.

BC: What are some of the most popular horror films ever established? Fox: One of the films that made me so happy about the [horror] genre was the ''Texas Chainsaw Massacre,'' because it scared me to death, and I immediately wanted to watch it again. I couldn''t understand how anyone could make anything that horrific, but I immediately became aware of them again. ''I''m not just the total weirdo.'' I''m also like, though

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