Jack Quaid was given the lead for the "Controversial" Star Trek: LD Scene by The Boys

Jack Quaid was given the lead for the "Controversial" Star Trek: LD Scene by The Boys

The two star groups of infamous orgy scenes from Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+ animated comedy are "Herogasm," the superhero orgy set in season 3 of Season 3, and "I, Excretus", the eighth episode of season two of. The actor spoke with Jessie Gender about how he might have desensitized him to the content for the Mike McMahan-created series.

"That episode came out, and then it was kind of like, "I don''t know, I''m on "The Boys," so it''s like there''s an orgy in every episode, seemingly, so orgies don''t phase me anymore," Quaid said. "It was almost like a week later when the quote-unquote controversy started. "It seemed like a kid''s come from ''The Boys,'' so it''s very normal to me."

Hughie (Quaid) and the Twins enter the spotlight during the series'' events, which Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is out for revenge after taking the Temp V. The episode did not see Boimler (Quaid) as an active participant in the tempo. In the film "I, Excretus," the show showed him pledging his legs in the air, and placing a strategic black bar over his junk.

"I''m not sure I ever realized that would be the shot," Quaid said. "I think the lines said like, "Boimler" is in an orgy, but in reality, I remember hearing it for the first time, and I was like, "Oh my God. I didn''t realize that would be the shot." But the whole interview, below, will be released on Paramount+ on August 25th.

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