A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con upgrade has been added to a Steam client beta

A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con upgrade has been added to a Steam client beta

Valve provides support for the Joy-Cons for testing.

A pair of Nintendo controllers might be on the rise of the Steam-supported input devices. Valve has added support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in a new Steam client beta.

The dual-unit controllers are, of course, for Nintendo Switch. However, in the Steam beta, you''ve been wanting to use them on your PC.

The Joy-Cons can be combined into a paired, singular controller. Basically, the same controller configurations you might encounter on your Switch.

If other Nintendo controllers increase your speed, the Steam client beta also has improved support for Nintendo Online classic controllers, including the Nintendo 64, NES, SNES, and Genesis. Last week, support for these classics was announced, but Valve appears to be improving on the support that is already available.

Joyous controller options

At first, it might seem a bit strange of a tweak. I have tried connecting Joy-Cons to a PC before, but with very mixed results. However, official support isnt just excellent for those who don''t want to purchase extra controllers.

Joy-Cons are a pretty bespoke controller that includes built-in sensors and everything. Im only speculating, but im interested in seeing what modders and other controller tinkerers can do with this.

Plus controller support is never a bad thing. Im fast tempted to try connecting these to a Steam Deck, if not to enable the bizarre dream of using Switch Joy-Cons on a portable PC.

It appears like you are just looking for extracontrollers or concocting strange scenarios. If you want to try it out, you can simply go into the Steam client beta and test out Joy-Con support for yourself.

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