Stray is assisting to raise money for real-life strays

Stray is assisting to raise money for real-life strays

The beloved game spawns a slew of charitable fundraisers.

As if couldnt get any better, the game that has cat-lovers and gamers fawning over their adorable, fuzzy protagonist is also helping out cats in real life. Streamers and Annapurna Interactive, the games publisher, have offered a whole host of events and services to benefit animal shelters and other cat-related organizations, according to AP.

Annapurna made a donation to the Nebraska Humane Society ahead of the games'' launch on July 19 for copies of the game to be raffled off as a fundraiser for the shelter. In a week, the organization had raised over $7,000 for the cause, including a $1,035 donation from Annapurna herself. A vast majority of those who donated to the shelter were also new to them.

Annapurna bought a cat cafe and cat adoption company in New York called the Meow Parlour to host a game where visitors could interact with the game (while being surrounded by cats, no less) and buy exclusive -themed merchandise. The publisher also donated $1,000 to the institution.

Tiltify, a nonprofit offering that allows streamers to provide their income to nonprofits, has shared that its platform has at least nine new initiatives that mention them, and a further charity livestream organization JustGiving has identified two more. North Shore Animal League America, a no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, has raised over $1,500 by the end of a four-and-a-half-hour stream.

It''s not a surprise in the least that the community behind it has rallied to make some incredible real-world change.

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