Puzzle 413 Hints, Clues, andSolution are all included in today's Wordle Answer (August 6th, 2022)

Puzzle 413 Hints, Clues, andSolution are all included in today's Wordle Answer (August 6th, 2022)

Wordle''s today release for August 6th and 2022, is out of this world, but it makes it even worse to comprehend.

Although Puzzle 413 does have a common meaning that everyone will know, there are a few things that make it even more difficult than it originally appears.

Firstly, there are a lot of vowels. Even if you want to subtract them first before leaving your mind, deciding to squeeze them all into one word to guess might be tricky. Getting stuck down attempting to hit all of the vowels leads to the next point.

In today''s word, the vowels are in a humorous position. It''s all too easy to focus on whatever orange letters you find and not be able to place things in the correct place once youre down to your last guess.

Weve made some Wordle recommendations for August 6th and 2022 to give you a hand. Weve also compiled a list of recent solutions from the last month to provide you with some ideas.

Clues and hints for Today''''s Wordle Answer

Although you can''t quite figure out what''s going on with Wordle, it may feel like you have been shipped to some distant planet without understanding the language or culture. But things get no easier as the remaining assumptions decrease to 0.

So you can learn and feel great about it all, here are some Wordle recommendations for August 6th and 2022.

Your clues for Puzzle 413 are:

  • The answer contains 3 different vowels
  • The 1st vowel is at the start of the word, while the other 2 are next to each other
  • The 1st 3 letters spell out the name of a famous heavyweight boxing champion

All of these words have come up in a puzzle recently and will not be published again anytime soon. Although words are only ever shown once in Wordle, it still pays to know what is already used. Perhaps you might get some ideas from previous games? Or at least you can avoid them.

  • #382 Fluff July 6
  • #383 Agape July 7
  • #384 Voice July 8
  • #385 Stead July 9
  • #386 Berth July 10
  • #387 Madam July 11
  • #388 Night July 12
  • #389 Bland July 13
  • #390 Liver July 14
  • #391 Wedge July 15
  • #392 Roomy July 16
  • #393 Wacky July 17
  • #394 Flock July 18
  • #395 Angry July 19
  • #396 Trite July 20
  • #397 Aphid July 21
  • #398 Tryst July 22
  • #399 Midge July 23
  • #400 Power July 24
  • #401 Elope July 25
  • #402 Cinch July 26
  • #403 Motto July 27
  • #404 Stomp July 28
  • #405 Upset July 29
  • #406 Bluff July 30
  • #407 Cramp July 31
  • #408 Quart August 1
  • #409 - Coyly - August 2
  • #410 - Youth - August 3
  • #411 - Rhyme - August 4
  • #412 - Buggy - August 5

Todays Wordle Answer August 6th

The answer to Wordle today is strange.

A photojournalist combines photographs of science fiction and tiny green men, but the term alien often refers to anything other than strange, or anyone who belongs to a different group from you.

It is still used in this way sometimes, especially in contexts with more archaic language, like law. However, it was only until the 1900s when it enacted extra-terrestrial effects.

The word alien came to Middle English around 1300 from Old French, where it was also spelt alien, but its main origins are in the Latin meanings alius, which means other or different, and alienus, which means foreign.

Take a look at these Wordle alternatives to keep the fun going with the addition of another word game!

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