Despot's game: Dystopian Army Builder is set for the Mid-September release

Despot's game: Dystopian Army Builder is set for the Mid-September release

TinyBuild Games has announced that the game will be available on PC and consoles next month. The game has currently been sitting in Early Access on Steam, giving you the chance to transform a ragtag bunch of pink humanoids into the best fighting force you''ve ever seen! Or, at the least, you get to watch a complete slaughter at the hands of some ferocious monsters that should not exist anywhere. The game will officially drop on September 15th, 2022.

By combining mutations to blur lines between Summoners and Shooters, you can change the tide of battle by mutating the armed masses. Buffer weak souls with defense-boosting skin and increased aggression. Take things to the next level by assembling mutations to create individuals who fight in battle with rapid-firing robots at their sides. Follow a dark path and invoke the "Glory to Satan" ritual to summon an innocent newcomer.

Tyrants looking for a break from seemingly disappearing from the clutches of dangerous monsters may jump into the all-new Massacre mode with quick, back-to-back multiplayer encounters to see who is on the team. A colorful, quirky pixel art style brings to life with many references to pop culture icons in a horrifying battle mashup to the sound of powerful tracks that will keep players pumped at each turn of the mysterious looters.

"Represents our childhood and all of our passion for gaming wrapped in one," said Nikolay Kuznetsov, the game''s creator. "The weapons are filled with easter eggs that represent cult movies, TV shows, games, and books we read growing up. It''s really fun to see players'' enthusiasm when they recognize and relate to them as well, because without our community, this game would not have been possible."

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