Tonight is WWE SmackDown: Another player made their big WWE comeback

Tonight is WWE SmackDown: Another player made their big WWE comeback

Following the sudden retirement of WWE Chairman Vickie McMahon, Triple H decided to resume operating all of WWE television a few weeks ago. However, among the top hopes among fans (especially fans of Triple H''s era of) was that he would bring back certain players who were mishandled and ultimately released during McMahon''s tenure. Fortunately, following the first round of exciting returns at last weekend''s, just now on FOX, the show ended with the return of a star who was

When Scarlett and formerChampionKarrion Kross appeared on this week''s episode, undisputed WWE Universal ChampionRoman Reigns had a war of words with the number one contender and the guy he''ll confront at,Drew McIntyre. Right then, the lights went out, and we heard some eery and familiar guitar strings. It was then that Scarlett and previousChampionKarrion Kross were caught on the screen, and Kross scream

Doomsday has arrived.@realKILLERkross sends a message to @WWERomanReigns! @Lady_Scarlett13 #SmackDown

WWE (@WWE) April 6, 2022

This was a really exciting and attention-grabbing way to come to an end this week, and it certainly generates some anticipation to see what happens next week or even on Monday''s, where we may see Kross and Scarlett explain their return.

Fans were shocked last year to see how badly Vince McMahon and his team drew off Kross'' promotion to the main roster. Despite his size and dominance in, McMahon adjusted him to be a star McMahon would love. In November, Kross and Scarlett were reunited.

Kross and Scarlett have a fresh start to become the main roster stars, as it sounded like they were going to be. And by putting them in a title war with Reigns and McIntyre, it seems we will not have to wait to see Kross become the main roster he was in.

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