What are we all doing this weekend?

What are we all doing this weekend?

Following NotE3, we''re entering another stretch of summer games week. This month, we have events including German game bonanza Gamescom, Bethesda''s QuakeCon, the indie horror showcase EEK3, and, starting today, Japanese indie fest BitSummit. But those are futuregames. For now, what are you doing this weekend? Here''s what we''re looking on!

Alice Bee We have been playing Escape Academy for two people, one of whom should be operating a pen and a notebook), and there is still one level left. This Academy does not appear to provide anyone with real life knowledge. So far we have been nearly drowned, set on fire, and deliberately poisoned by one of the instructors.

Alice0 I''ve completed the final stage of my Tour De Jeux, with a roundup post to follow on Monday. I''m not sure what to play right now. The Edinburgh Festival has just begun, and I do love weird performance art in basements, but even before I decided to lug out obscure strangers into the roadway. Maybe not. Ah, who knows!

CJ I''m off all next week so there''s plenty of time to pick up old favourites during the evenings, and maybe starting something new. Grindstone''s Cosmic Darkside free upgrade just dropped so that''s on my holiday radar holdar? Along with some things I''ve missed out on, such as Citizen Sleeper, who just saw its first free DLC from Age Of Empires IV. However, I do like learning university management when Two Point Campus matriculates onto Game Pass on Tuesday.

Ed I finished Judgment the other day and I''m of opinion that it''s a certified banger. These end credits are absolutely stunning, but RGG Studio don''t miss this weekend. Errr, maybe some Elden Ring? I feel like I''ve recovered enough energy to finally get to the finish line. Otherwise, I''ll finally see Making A Murderer and it''s excellent stuff.

Hayden I''ll never be able to continue playing Elden Ring. I''d want to start a new save on Project Zomboid and actually go the distance. Maybe even begin something entirely new. That''d be fun. However, I''ll probably just finish playing Elden Ring again in a few weeks. Please remind me not to start another playthrough in a row.

James I suspect this will be a gameless weekend, as I''m spending the majority of it at a wedding deep in the south England sticks. Very, very deep - I''m not sure if the locals would have even played a PC game, except for making sick plays for that battle pass drip.


Liam I''m playing [REDACTED], and if I get caught up in the neck, I''ll go with some friends this weekend, so I''ve found it to be very difficult to explain how the concept works, as well as it is a "Folly." The property, which was initially developed in the 1990s, is often surrounded with mazes and statues of goblins. It is also a bit of fun to see and see, but it''s also tough to

Ollie I played a couple games of Hunt: Showdown in the past, but it totally skipped my mind. Sadly, my friends and I decided to bankrupt ourselves as a challenge, so we''d have to start by going into games with basically no gear and scavenging what we could from occasional weapon loot and massacre enemies. Curse you, ex-host!

Rachel I''ve been working on Bear And Breakfast this week, so I''ll continue to expand my hotel empire until the weekend. Ollie didn''t care much about it in his review, but my tolerance for hand-holding task-ticking is apparently considerably higher! I also want to have a look at Frogun, which looks to be a surprise to PS1 era platforms involving a girl and her frog-shaped grappling hook.


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