Daily LITG on Sunday 6th August 2022 Christians Against She-Hulk

Daily LITG on Sunday 6th August 2022 Christians Against She-Hulk

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Christians Against She-Hulk Changes to Christians Against She-Hulk (LiTG)

More comic book information from yesterday.LITG ICYMI

In the event that you were interested in broader LITG about comics, here''s how to see it.

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LITG one year ago, A Soft Jensen Ackles

Doctor Strange and The Robin King were banned from LITG two years ago.

Doctor Strange finished its short run, but the pandemic and the subsequent issues are being ignored for the time being.

LITG three years ago

It looks like Alan Scott has made a profusion about forties superheroes.

Comic Book birthdays today.

Right now, there might be quite a bit of a party atmosphere. Everything depends on the state you live in. However, comics folk are still getting older and remembering that special date. And that is why it''s been twelve years.

  • Sarah Horrocks,comics journalist andcreator ofand
  • Markisan Naso, writer of.
  • Comics journalist,Vaneta Rogers.
  • Ed Hannigan, co-creator of
  • Susan Dorne, comic book letterer.
  • Terry Pallot,inker on

If you are in comics and have a birthday present, or you know someone who has received an email atrichjohnston@bleedingcool.com.

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