Promo for Rick and Morty S06: It's The Universe's End As They Knew It

Promo for Rick and Morty S06: It's The Universe's End As They Knew It

So here''s how we ended the first day of the Adult Swim Festival Block Party with a world premiere of Post Malone''s official music video for "Wrapped Around Your Finger" next month, with more intel on the new season (including a preview?) and here''s a look at how it went down, with the opener showing where things were left before we''re hit with a ten-ton spoiler tag.

DEEP VOICEOVER: "A lot has happened in the past few years," she said (followed by a montage of scenes from Season 5, with various previous line sod dialogue included to demonstrate how people have it out for the Smiths)

DEEP VOICEOVER: "Long story short? The universe as we all know it has ended. But don''t it letting you down," said the author.

MORTY: "Oh my god, stop talking, stop talking!"

"Are you satisfied?!" RICK

(Note: If Space Beth was talking to, I''d like to hear about it more if they were getting sick and frustrated with Evil Morty.)

DEEP VOICEOVER: (Offers the information on when the series is returning)

Here''s a look at the mini-promo for the sixth season of Adult Swim beginning September 4th:

Tales from Alternate Dimensions from Rick and Morty

The Halloween-inspired outfit combines Rick and Samaritan with his ambition to build the ultimate AI toaster until a trip to Akihabara for spare parts takes a twisted turn for our dimension-hopping duo. Here''s a look at four previously-released shorts:

The anime short is directed by Takashi Sano (, produced by Sola Entertainment, and animated by Telecom Animation Film. Morty travels to Tokyo, Japan, to try and help stop "The Genocider." It''s absolutely stunning, powerful, and some really bizarre things are at play:

Following up on his previous short, Sano gets a look at the newest short, with a focus on Summer and Jerry, which we didn''t anticipate.

"Samurai & Shogun" is a film adaptation of "Samurai & Shogun," which stars Ninja Ricks (Yohei Tadano) and Shogun Morty in a -themed dimension. A nasty group of Ninja Ricks isn''t willing to let go of Shogun Morty without a fight an option that Rick WTM72 is than willing to oblige. From there, we take a look at the follow-up short that was last month continuing the story

Here''s a look at where even the "Rick-mobile" might be deadly, and you''ll be surprised how we do why Scary Terry isn''t a downloadable character for a combat game like:

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