Mike Was in a Rare Form During This Week's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Mike Was in a Rare Form During This Week's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

The former Situation''s relapse into bad behavior has felt like an overly dramatic way to draw ratings for the season. Yes, Mike''s relapse into bad behavior is mostly like a surprise to viewers, but beyond that and his desire for Angelina''s love life (which isn''t a new development), Mike has mostly been the lovable, positive, twelve-steppin'' Big Daddy Sitch. Not so, this episode, as viewers got their first real, uneniable look at the

Greetings, El Presidente, and as you know, I only watch the finest television shows, which means if I''m not watching wrestling, I must be watching trashy reality television. drew her attention to Angelina''s chest, declaring that when he was able to respond to her boyfriend''s two-faced remarks, he went into full-on attack mode, insulting her "messy" life, blaming her for misgivings, and causing her to fall

When Mike confronts Angelina''s ex-husband on a particularly outrageous claim, he apologizes quickly, saying, "It was a mistake to respond to the phone call." Mike apologizes later, claiming that it was a mistake to answer the phone call; however, he was immediately aware of the whole time, and that he was seen for several seasons reveling in making drama out of her personal life.

Mike''s troubles came to an end shortly after leaving the first sit-down, and Mike immediately texted J-Woww to explain to Jenni how Mike had been playing Angelina''s friend to her face while trash-talking her to other roommates! Jenni reveals that Lauren has asked Jenni to stop Lauren from attending Lauren''s skincare line launch party days later.

Mike sat down with Angelina for a second sit-down to apologize a little more legitimately. Later, Jenni learned about his two-faced behavior, revealing she didn''t believe or trust him, and setting Mike up for either a complete fall into being the series villain or a redemption story that ends with everyone binge-eating Italian food in the final episode of the season. It may go either way, comrades! Haw haw!

Vinny and Pauly were enjoying ignoring the East Coast drama while riding tourist go-carts in Vegas and The Meatballs, which he apparently slashed in front of the show, and the show seemed to have a sense of sponsorship with Burger King. Mike also described the chicken McNugget as a "chicken tendie," prompting questions about where he even got the nugget in the first place, since he was seen ordering the "two-cheeseburger meal

Eventually, comrades, things will become really crazy, with Jerry Springer guest-starring and Ronnie''s return! Until next week, my friends: socialism or death!

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