In a new video, a Pac-Man World remake shows revitalized levels

In a new video, a Pac-Man World remake shows revitalized levels

Bandai Namco had a new trailer this week for, demonstrating their experience on some of the new levels. There is really not much competition here as you look at the video and see the two games side-by-side. The older version certainly looks like something that was developed for the past five years, but the whole video below shows how the game works. PC and all three major consoles are still expected to be released on August 26th and 2022.

Pac-Man''s first introduction to the 3D platforming genre was launched in 1999, and this year, 1.5 million units sold worldwide! Pac-Man must begin explorating through the six areas of Ghost Island to rescue his family and friends and face-off against Toc-Man, the boss of the Ghosts! With polished graphics, enhanced gameplay, and new features, Pac-Man must meet with fellow Pac-fans from the rest of the world!

  • A Modernized Classic:Taking advantage of current generation hardware, this 3D action-adventure platformer is packed with smoother intuitive gameplay, updated visuals including a shiny new look for Pac-Man and the Ghosts, an improved UI, fi ne-tuned environmental details, and a wider view of the action.
  • Multiple Modes:Adventure through the main campaign in Quest Mode, Play a collection of 3D mazes in Maze Mode! Clear Quest Modeto unlock the original Pac-Man game in Original Mode!
  • A World Of Adventure:Dodge Ghosts and other baddies, solve environmental puzzles, and collect items through the six areas of Ghost Island: Pirate Area, Ruins Area, Space Area, Funhouse Area, Factory Area, and Mansion Area each featuring multiple levels and a unique boss battle challenge!
  • He''''s Got The Moves:More than running and chomping Pac-Man will butt-bounce, rev-roll, hover jump, and more through the six areas while collecting Pac-Dots, fruit, and power ups! Become invincible and walk underwater with the Metal Pac-Man power-up and become Mega Pac-Man to chomp the ghosts!
  • Rescue The Pac-Fam & Friends:Find keys hidden in each world to rescue Pac-Mom, Pac-Boy, Pac-Sis, Professor Pac, Pac-Buddy, and Pooka. With each rescue Pac-Man gains an advantage for the fi nal battle against the dreaded Toc-Man!

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