As Season 7 of Sea Of Thieves is out, you'll become your own captain

As Season 7 of Sea Of Thieves is out, you'll become your own captain

The episode 7 of Rare Inc. and Xbox Game Studios have released the latest season for, where you''ll be more likely to become a captain than simply following the group''s leader (if you were bothered) but the game has also given the outposts a bit of time to provide new fun options for customization, quests, treasure hunts, and more to complement more Renown. The Emporium has also expanded in several ways with new features for you to check out. The trailer is below, and there''s

What exactly is it that might inspire a pirate to board a ship of their own? Captains can then select a name of their choice on a new vessel (which can be seen on the Ship''s Crest or in the Ship''s Banners), but they may also select places to display trinkets. A wide range of ornaments can be purchased immediately, while trophies are earned by being aconsummateCaptain.

Your actions will be reflected in Pirate and Ship Milestones, a new type of progression that encourages different play styles. Along the way, new rewards will be available, and you may show off your favorite accomplishments in the Captain''s Logbook, which keeps track of your actual sailing session in.

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