Can't Make an Omelette in Jurassic League #4?

Can't Make an Omelette in Jurassic League #4?

In this Jurassic League #4 preview, Aquanyx is defeated by an egg. Will the rest of the league perform better? Check out the preview below.

JURASSIC LEAGUE #4 DC Comics 0622DC186 0622DC187 Jurassic League #4 Brett Booth Cover $4.99 (W) Daniel Warren Johnson, Juan Gedeon (A) Juan Gedeon (CA) Daniel Warren Johnson In the spirit of Batsaur, Wonderdon, and Supersaur, there will be a few additional monstrous players out there, including Aquanyx, Flashraptor, and Green Torch. In Shops: 8/9/2022 SRP:

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