New streaming plans, and a resounding old-sexist plan have been shared by Warner Bros Discovery

New streaming plans, and a resounding old-sexist plan have been shared by Warner Bros Discovery

Hey, Warner Bros. Discovery! We need to talk, but you might have to listen more than anything following the dismal presentation on Thursday. First off, congrats to whatever sexist middle school kid made your PowerPoint presentation, it truly gives off "whelp, it''s done" energy. Second, we''ll have to take down your audacity a few hundred notches before we even begin.

Trust me, I love a good Discovery+ reality-based show, but my fallopian tubes didn''t choose to enjoy a solved murder or design challenge, and my personality and preferences influenced that. I''m worried that the guy who is responsible for everything (I''m looking at you, David Zaslav) still may believe that there''s one hole for everything down there in the genital area of someone assigned female at birth.

I am a woman who tries to watch a scripted show on hbo max

(@folkIoriians) August 4, 2022

Listen, the range of streaming and content preferences has expanded, and Warner Bros. Discovery, you''re not the only one who has ever faced a challenge. While the competition with the amount of choice has become a huge challenge for a lot of platforms, it appears like we have gone past that and gone back to the dark days of expecting the only ones who desire more than reality-based content are strictly men.

Warner Bros insisting that HBO Max, the channel of "And Just Like That," "Hacks," "Julia" and "The Flight Attendant," is mostly watched by men, though, the "my son can''t be gay, he''s obsessive with women." meme

Richard Butler (@rmdbutler) August 5, 2022

You''ve certainly embraced the past from the comfort of a company that employs new content to diversify viewpoints. David, you''ve certainly seen it down Dumb Business Choices Blvd. and never looked back with your gendered self-slap in the face. It''s a way too similar to the time when we unfairly called thin women fat and decided all-jeans outfits weren''t an excuse.

Which one of you is the HBO Max and which one of you is the Discovery+

beck barnes (@anacrusisnt) August 4, 2022

When a young girl asks why the impromptu speech from a drunk uncle at a wedding was not accepted so quickly, it is obvious that it does not affect audiences, viewers, your own employees, or the environment. So, when a person asks why the work of an upcoming film like won''t be featured on her local theater (or even on her TV), do you wanna tell her about the tax write-off, or should I? I think there is no

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