The next board game from Colt Express is X-Wing for photographers

The next board game from Colt Express is X-Wing for photographers

Christophe Raimbaults, the next board game, is Redwood, which is an innovative game about photographing animals in their natural habitat.

At this years Gen Con, publisher Sit Down Games provided a prototype demo of the upcoming board game, demonstrating its dynamic and tactical simulation of competitive photography.

Redwood performs more like a miniatures game like Warhammer or Star Wars: X-Wing. Players remove animals and their competitors to identify the perfect place for a picture. (It is prohibited to measure up the template before you touch a ruler, and your move will be made for the round.) The miniatures neoprene bums keep them moving around as you line up the template and move.

Redwoods'' innovative way of simulating photography has come into play, bringing a flexible structure to the base of their figure. The translucent cones represent the cameras field of vision, with no animals and natural elements being included in the template before being identified.

Goals can be as simple as capturing a given number of elements in a single idea or provide additional incentive for taking a picture while standing on the boards central lake, for example. A sun rotates around the board, revealing new bonuses. Each successful image adds to a row of cards in front of each player, gradually forming a stunning panoramic image of the park. Edu Valls, an artist from Bitoku, has provided stunning artwork for the animals and plants around the board.

Small cut-out holes in each vision template serve as the ideal focal point for the players camera. Having a subject poke through the hole symbolizes them with a clear focus, potentially rewarding rewards. There are a variety of options to choose from, with varying lengths, widths, and focal ranges, while neatly simulating a variety of lenses when shooting your shot.

Combining precise movement and aiming, it gives you the power and satisfaction of positioning a sniper for the perfect shot, but with the evidently greater aim of capturing animals and nature in their beauty rather than leaving plastic bodies unstacked high.

Animals will travel to another area of the forest once they have been photographed. The game has finished with five turns, with a playthrough expected to take around an hour.

Our short video demonstrates Redwood''s stunning wargame tactical movement and its engaging photography theme, leaving me anxious to play the entire game and mastering my tabletop photography skills.

Because, honestly, the woodland setting in Redwoods seems to be the ideal location for the game, but the game mechanics also left me immediately hankering for a Pokemon Snap version. Imagine sliding through trees to snap a sleeping Snorlax and Pikachu.

On September 28, Redwood will begin a Kickstarter campaign, which will follow the theme of a planned release next year. Additional animals and movement templates will be added to the game, including those for a flying hang glider.

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