In the Daily LITG 7th August 2022, Christians are not actually Against She-Hulk

In the Daily LITG 7th August 2022, Christians are not actually Against She-Hulk

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Christians Against Ms Marvel Changes to Christians Against She-Hulk

More comic book content from yesterday, according to LITG ICYMI.

In the event that you loved more LITG about comics, here''s how to see it.

  • Deborah Underwood & BioShock Art Director Create Kids Graphic Novels
  • C2E2 Retailer Summit With DC Comics, Ahoy, CEX & Shelly Bond
  • Eight Comic Store Openings & Relocations Across The USA
  • Marvel, IDW & Kodansha Free Halloween Comics Trick-Or-Read Through PRH

LeVar Burton Deserved Better in LITG One Year ago

LITG two years ago, Tributes to Seb Patrick

Wrestling, CW, Simpsons Pops, Robin King, and tributes to Seb Patrick, all blending among his favorite things.

LITG three years ago

Alan Scott has apparently started a trend for superheroes in the 1980s.

Comic Book birthdays today.

Right now, there might be some more party atmosphere. Everything depends on which state you live in. However, comics folk are still growing and remembering that special day. With twelve years as well.

  • Paul Dini,ofco-creator of Harley Quinn, creator of Jingle Bell.
  • Ben Goldsmith, writer,
  • Stuart Stevenson,writer and co-creator of
  • Dan Jolley,writer on
  • Michelle Fiorucci,comic book letterer.

If you are interested in comics and have a birthday coming up, please contact

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