Emmerdale's boss teases Faiths' life as a clown in his 50th anniversary

Emmerdale's boss teases Faiths' life as a clown in his 50th anniversary

For the show''s 50th anniversary, director Jane Hudson has warned of Faith Dingles (Sally Dexter)''s terrible death episodes.

Faith, who is now recovering from her cancer, has decided to live her life to the fullest extent before losing the battle.

Faith has made a connection with her son Cain (Jeff Hordley) easier for him and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) easier as they recounted their family history.

As she took to the robbery disguise to discover something that her mother loved, Faiths'' illness hasn''t halted her from getting up to her usual mischief.

The Matriarchs'' tragic death is preparing for the 50th anniversary of October.

At a recent press day, show patron Jane Hudson revealed more on the start of the 50th anniversary, stating: "Being successful this month, please focus on our Faith storyline, which is a dangerous fact for us at the moment, and then we''ll build our way into our storm.

It is a breathtaking and emotional story that will span our 50th years. Everybody involved in this story is distributing some of the most spectacular performances I have ever seen in a soap for a long time.

When Faith reach the end, Sally revealed her dreams and desires for what to watch.

Id like Cain or Chas to assist her with putting some lippy on, but I dont want her to go without a little lippy on! If the hair isn''t perfect, she can stick on a fascinator!

And, in anticipation of Faiths'' send-off, she added, she would perform well at her funeral if she could somehow, in a ghostly manner, fly up and take part in some fantastic wild dancing, and she may see her floating about, having a whale of a time.

After her death, I would want her to be able to give her some care to her family.

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