Casualty spoilers: Rash Masum is chastised, and Sah decides to move on!

Casualty spoilers: Rash Masum is chastised, and Sah decides to move on!

In the episode, Rash Masum is disgraced when Paige Allcott gives him the silent treatment (BBC One, 8.35pm, Saturday 13 August 2022) - See our TV Guide for pricing information). Elsewhere, Sah Brockner decides its time to go on.

For more information, see our Casualty spoilers below.

Rash Masum rejected!

Doctors Rash Masum and Paige Allcott have only been together for a few months, but they have already had problems.

Rash (Neet Mohan) is frantic when Paige (Shalisha James-Davis) ignores his texts and calls. Hes overworked, moving extra shifts, and beyond concerned about her BRCA test results.

Paige, who died of breast cancer last month, has taken the test to see if or not she has acquired the gene for breast cancer. And, upon receiving her results, she has called in sick.

Rash reaches Paiges'' closest friend in the Department of Health, nurse Robyn Miller, and discovers the BRCA gene.

Robyn (Amanda Henderson) has urged the devastated doctor to keep quiet and give Paige space. Rash has denied the claim.

Will his actions take her away?

Sah Brockner makes a shock decision

Sah Brockner, an paramedic, is still reeling from his estranged mum returning to Holby.

With Sahs dad Kevin, Jools ( Alex Childs) has made her feet tight under the table! So, with Jools returning to the family home, Sah uses minimum contact with their parents.

This week, Jools is disheartened that her attempts to make amends have been rejected, while Kevin ( Gordon Peaston) is urging patience.

Jools is preparing a vegan meal for Sah. Despite the prospect of spending time with their loved-up parents, Sah decided instead to stay at the ED and assist a patient in the crisis.

When Jools arrives at the ED with lunch for them, Sah starts to soften towards their mother, but quickly regrets letting their guard down.

Sah is shocked by Jools'' opinions and makes the decision to move on!

Also in Casualty this week

The ED is swamped with patients, short staffed, and the team is stretched to their potential.

When he asks she to assist him in a sensitive situation, Nurse Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) refuses to give up everything for Dylan Keogh, a clinical director.

Dylan is forced to turn to doctor Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) for help. Will she surprise him with how she handle a difficult case involving Ayanna Bishar (Sara Mokonen), a university student found injured on campus?

Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) is diagnosed with a heart ailment when his mother brings Ed into the ED.

Teddy Gowan (Milo Clarke) is an paramedic who encourages Sah to make a beautiful life decision!

Sah, taking a break from school? How did life alter?

This episode of BBC1 will air on Saturday 13 August 2022 at 8.35pm.

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