Is Grease available on Netflix? Where can you find Grease in honor of Olivia Newton-John?

Is Grease available on Netflix? Where can you find Grease in honor of Olivia Newton-John?

Is there a streaming service available on Netflix? Here''s how to get the classic movie musical in honor of Olivia Newton-John.

The horrific news of Olivia Newton-succeeding on Monday, August 8, wreaks havoc on fans. Newton-John was a hugely successful singer and performer, but she''s perhaps most well known for her star in Randal Kleiser''s 1978 film adaptation, which we call one of the greatest musicals of all time.

If you''re looking to honor Olivia''s talents as a singer and performer, there''s probably no better way than seeing her steal the show as ''San Diego.'' Together with John Travolta, Newton-John was responsible for singing some of the film''s endlessly catchy melodies like "Summer Nights" and "You''re The One That I Want."

If you''re planning to revisit Rydell High as soon as, here''s where you should go to stream around the world.

Is Grease on Netflix?

While it is on Netflix, it''s only available in a few countries. If you live in countries such as Germany, France, and Belgium, you''ll be able to find on Netflix without having to worry.

Outside of these areas, you''ll have to go elsewhere in order to see Danny and Sandy fall for each other over again. Below, we''ve discussed where to get involved in the United Kingdom.

How to watch Grease in the US

If you''re planning to watch the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies all over again in the United States, Paramount Plus is the one (streaming service) you need to, which is unlikely to surprise given the platform''s rapid release date.

You can see and see everything else that''s currently on the platform, including the TV series, the most of the Taylor Sheridan shows, and everything from the universe, as well as more films and all of the Paramount Plus original series.

If you prefer to upgrade to the ad-free version of the plan, you can pay $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Paramount Plus is also available for testing online if you want to.

How to watch Grease in the UK

Whilst the UK version of Netflix does not exist, it is available to download; as US fans, you''ll need to go to Paramount Plus.

A subscription to Paramount Plus is available for only $6.99 per month in the United Kingdom, although if you''re a Sky TV customer with the Sky Cinema add-on, you''ll be able to watch and everything else on the site for free.

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