The best BBC dramas from all of the must-see shows on iPlayer

The best BBC dramas from all of the must-see shows on iPlayer

These are just a few of the finest BBC dramas available for viewing right now on BBC iPlayer.

If you''re looking for another fantastic show to watch, here''s a sampling of the finest BBC dramas you can enjoy, including how many episodes there are, and what the viewers said.

What are the best BBC dramas to watch right now?


The use of "spycops" in the United Kingdom is a form of undercover policing to seek information that has caused a large controversy across the country.

"In part inspired by real events, set in the Nottinghamshire mining village where Graham grew up,," the BBC says. Two shocking and unexpected killings that stutter an already broken community and spark a massive manhunt

"As suspicion and antipathy build, between lifelong neighbors and towards the cops who descend on the town, the tragic deaths threaten to enrage historic divisions sparked during the Miners'' Strike three decades ago."

Seasons of Seasons: 1

6 episodes

The average episode length is 56 mins.

"This drama, crafted by James Graham, will be one of this years most anticipated shows. After a decade of searching, this one reveals a scene where the miners strike was completely ruined due to a host of unexpected murders.

"This is so much more than another detective drama," writes the writer Graham, who lived in these areas for many years and is waiting his whole life to tell this story about the struggle for a community''s soul.

You Don''''t Know Me

This courtroom drama reveals the story of a young man accused of murder, who talks with the jury in a desperate quest to keep his freedom.

"The drama focuses on a young man, who, with overwhelming evidence against him, is accused of murder. At his trial, Hero tells an extraordinary story. It is about Kyra, the woman he loves, who was found to be in dangerous difficulties. He swears that he is innocent. "It''s really important to look into him."

Seasons for the United Nations

4 Episodes

Average episode length: 55 mins

Conversations With Friends

Frances (Alison Oliver) has a special relationship with her former girlfriend Bobbi (Sasha Lane) in Dublin. They are inseparable and perform poetry together. There, she meets with her husband, actor, and she meets Nick in secret.

This intense desire sets the bonds between Frances and Bobbi on the verge of becoming more brittle and forced Frances to reconsider everything she believes she knows.

Seasons of the Year: 1

12 Episodes

30 mins from the average episode length

"Prepare to become completely obsessy with this long-awaited adaptation of author Sally Rooneys'' equally addictive debut novel.

"Charting the affair between self-effacing young student Frances (an impressive first TV appearance from Alison Oliver) and younger actor Nick (Joe Alwyn) the 12-part drama is full of charged looks, endearing awkwardness, and frenzied text messages as they try to express their feelings and gradually emerge from the shadows of their dominant other friends Nicks wife Melissa (Jemima Kirke) and Frances best friend and ex-girlfriend Bobbi (Sasha Lane).

Gentleman Jack

A BBC period drama based on Anne Lister''s coded diaries. The first season followed Anne''s blossoming relationship with Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) and ended with their marriage.

The second season of Anne and Ann''s relationships will follow as the couple enter Shibden Hall together and begin to try and combine their estates. In 1830s Yorkshire, the relationship continues to wreak havoc.

The number of seasons in question: 2

16 episodes

Average episode duration: 58 mins

"After a three-year wait, were happy to have Anne Lister (suranne Jones) return in all her top-hatted glory for a second run of TVs most powerful period drama."

The Split

For the third and final season of The Beeb, the Beeb has recently aired, and all six episodes are now available for download on BBC iPlayer.

In this shocking divorce episode, we follow divorce lawyer Hannah Stern and her partner, Nathan (Stephen Mangan), as she navigates the complex world of high-end divorce in London.

Hannah tackles a slew of difficult situations during her day job, but she discusses it with Abi Morgan''s coach. Nicola Walker released her second trailer, saying, "I don''t think it''s going to go where you might imagine it will." And [creator and writer Abi Morgan doesn''t shy away from how messy this will become.

Three seasons in the series

Episodes: 6 per season

The duration of the month in question is 58 mins.

The series 3 premiere of the brilliantly overwrought Stern-Defoe clan has come back for a very well-finished series, and the whole thing was worth the wait!

Peaky Blinders

Season 6 of this hugely popular drama series has premiered. The first installment of this series is now available on iPlayer.

Cillian Murphy is engrossing as gangster Thomas Shelby, who runs his growing business from Birmingham. The amazing cast on the show included Sam Neill, Tom Hardy, and Helen McCrory, who received a big resonance in the first episode of the latest series.

If you haven''t started viewing, it''s time to register... by order of the Peaky Blinders!

Seasons of the Year: 6

6 episodes per season

Average episode length: 56 minutes

"We reintroduce the series 6 story in 1933, with Prohibition ending and fascism on the rise, but it is the lucrative US opium market that has caught Tommys attention. Grab your flat caps and settle down for an exciting opener, which includes a fitting farewell to Aunt Polly, played by Helen McCrory."

Life After Life

The series of Kate Atkinson''s most popular novel is now available on BBC Two, but the whole series has been available on iPlayer.

Ursula Todd (Thomasin McKenzie) walks and died in countless situations after passing away the day she was born.

From that point, she continues to be reborn throughout difficult periods in recent history, and her journey sees her probing whether one person can ever live a perfect life.

Seasons of season 1

4 Episodes

The average episode length is 54 minutes.

"This stunning four-part adaptation of Kate Atkinsons'' award-winning novel takes a different stance on the period drama genre," she says.

Noughts and Crosses

Malorie Blackman''s critically acclaimed YA novels is featured on BBC. (opens in a new tab) in a dystopian London where Sephy (Masali Baduza) and Callum (Jack Rowan) fall in love despite the odds. Can they break the divide between the black elite and the white underclass?

Season 2 is bringing us back to present-day London, followed by the controversial Romeo & Juliet love affair between Sephy, a member of the elite, black ''Cross'' people, and Callum, who is a white ''Nought.''

Seasons of the Year: 2

10 Episodes

Time difference between the average episode and the episode is 50 minutes.

"Serial 2 portrays viewers returning to Albion''s dangerous, alternate world, expecting surprises, suspense, and, certainly, plenty of forbidden love," we say.


Becky Green (Erin Doherty) investigates Chloe''s death when she became an anonymous social media icon (Poppy Gilbert).

Becky, her former friend Chloe in the middle of the night, finds a way to fill Chloe''s inner circle by admitting a false identity.

As "Sasha," Becky enters a far more positive life than her current one. As she reaches the truth, she finds herself becoming increasingly enthused by Sasha''s more loyal friends.

Seasons of Season 1

6 Episodes

Average episode length: 58 minutes

"Erin Doherty was outstanding in the previous two series of as Princess Anne, and she is equally as compelling in this thriller as lonely office temp Becky... with twists aplenty, and an unconventional heroine to follow, this is an addictive watch."

This Is Going To Hurt

The seven-part comedy-drama from Adam Kay''s same name (opens in a new tab)

The show reveals the kinds of pressures NHS workers face day in day out. It stars Ben Whishaw () as Adam himself, and sees the young doctor getting to grips with the many difficulties associated with undergoing obstetrics and gynaecology.

It''s in all competition, straightforward and heartbreaking and manages to blend humor in with challenging scenes; newcomer Ambika Mod is not to be missed as junior doctor Shruti is not.

Seasons of the Year: 1

7 Episodes

The duration of the episode in a moderate measure of 45 minutes

"Back-to-back shifts, hypochondriacs, and racist mothers-to-be in a days work for Adam (Ben Whishaw) in his best-selling memoir. Adams day involves getting drenched in blood, mentoring anxious trainee Shruti (Ambika Mod) and dezamifying his friends when he has to work another shift. This is a reminder of the pressures we exert on people within it."

The Responder

Martin Freeman leads the cast of Chris Carson, a police officer who is attempting to save his marriage and maintain his head above water. While juggling his own complicated life, Chris takes on a new rookie partner named Rachel, which helps his family maintain independence, but they soon discover that their survival is dependent on them either helping or defeating each other. This is his first original fantasy for television, written by Tony Schumacher.

As season 2 approaches, and good news for fans.

Seasons for each season: 1

5 Episodes

Average episode length: 56 minutes

"Martin Freemansvisceral''s performance in this edgy five-part series resembles a true departure for the much-loved actor. It''s a wacky comedy and tragic tragedy, which is a clear portrayal of life as a frontline police officer," the author says.

Rules of the Game

Sam, a hard-headed manager at a family-run business in the North West, plays Maxine Peake in a four-part thriller about sexual politics in the workplace.

Sam arrives at work one day to discover a dead body at her office location and is forced to confront non-stop murky behavior in the present, but also deadly facts from the past.

Maya, a new HR director who is attempting to eliminate the "old-fashioned lad culture" within the company, is beginning to investigate historic instances of misconduct in the organization, yet is faced with criticism. Sam refutes the suggestion of institutional bias against women, believing such behavior is all in the past...

Seasons for each season: 1

4 Episodes

The average episode length is 57 minutes.

"A lot of dark secrets are discussed, and fans will have to stay focused to unravel the mysteries within Fly Dynamic."

Four Lives

Four lives were taken in Barking, Essex, between June 2014 and September 2015, when serial killer Stephen Port (played by Stephen Merchant) was dragged, raped, and killed four innocent innocent men. In the three-part drama, historians are following the story of four victims of Stephen Port Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth, and Jack Taylor, who have been working tirelessly to discover what happened to them. Sheridan Smith also plays Sarah Sak, Port''s first victim.

Seasons for each season: 1

Three episodes

Average episode length: 59 minutes

"is a shocking story about Stephen Port''s horrific crimes that may be a tough task at times, but is perfectly depicted by a fantastic cast."

The Tourist

This twist-laden, action-packed, darkly comic comedy follows The Man, a Brit, who has ended up Down Under and finds himself being chased by a massive truck, which he is attempting to drive off the road.

After a thrilling journey, The Man wakes up sometime later in hospital but has no idea of his name or identity. However, as people from his past return to haunt him, he is confronted with a quest to discover who he once was and who he is now, before being discovered by those who desire to silence him forever.

Seasons: 1

6 Episodes

59 minutes on average episode length

"will enthuse viewers as they seek and develop who this mysterious man is in great danger in the Australian outback," we say.

A Very British Scandal

The BBC defines this drama as based on a real story, and it defines "sex, secrets, and shame."

The first chapter in the series focuses on Margaret, the Duchess of Argyll (Claire Foy,) following her public separation from the Duke (Paul Bettany,).

The press and the public around Margaret blamed her for their marriage''s breakdown, and the case against her involved large amounts of crimes including theft, violence, and drug abuse. The series explores their huge divorce and the legal case that ensued from it, while also investigating the postwar situation.

The number of seasons in question is 1.

Three Episodes

Average episode length: 59 minutes

"The three-part drama, which plunges you into the uber-privileged and party-packed aristocratic world, is fantastic viewing, with outstanding performances by Claire and Paul."

Around the World in 80 Days

David Tennant takes on the role of globetrotting adventurer Phileas Fogg alongside his newly-employed French valet Passepartout (Ibrahim Koma) and journalist Abigail "Fix" Fortescue (Leonie Benesch).

This BBC series follows the intrepid trio as they travel across the globe, hoping to win an outlandish wager.

The number of seasons in question: 1

8 Episodes

Average episode length: 49 minutes

"The classic novel from Julian Vernes has been altered many times for the screen, and this spectacular eight-part series brings the story to a new generation of viewers."

Ridley Road

Vivien Epstein (Agnes OCasey), a Manchester hairdresser, who fled her overbearing parents and goes to London to search for her true love, Jack Morris (Tom Varey).

She visits Ridley Road and Jacks last address, but she is warned off by her uncle, Soly Malinovsky (Eddie Marsan), and Soly''s wife Nancy (Tracy-Ann Oberman).

Vivien is not staying in London, but is horrified to discover Jack has gone missing while working undercover to infiltrate the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, led by Colin Jordan (Rory Kinnear).

Vivien, led by Soly and Nancy, has decided to go undercover to find Jack with the help of the anti-fascist 62 group.

One season of seasons

4 Episodes (all episodes are free to watch)

59 minutes long episode average

"This stylish comedy set in London in the 1960s has been inspired by real events," says one expert.


Does anyone want to be too happy with it? Well, the makers of both series have made a new submarine thriller,! DCI Amy Silva acts as an actress.

When there appears to be a connection between the mysterious disappearance of a fishing boat and the death of a nuclear submarine, Silva is called in.

The two incidents lead to a conflict between the Navy and British security services. While Amy''s old colleague and flame DS Kirsten Longacre ('' Rose Leslie) is traveling on land for more details. What she discovers is a conspiracy that threatens Britain''s nuclear deterrent. Is her life in danger?

Fans of Season 2 are getting some good news!

One season of seasons

6 episodes (all available to watch)

Average episode length: 59 minutes

"It''s an outlandish setting, but nonetheless a rollicking story, and one that''s crowded with intriguing subplots."


The people behind the scenes, including Celine Buckens and Tracy Ifeachor.

Talitha, the daughter of a famous billionaire, is charged with murder in the shooting death of a Bristol student in the legal drama.

Cleo, a lawyer who is tasked with protecting Talitha, is the boy''s former girlfriend who has been used as a scapegoat? Or is Talitha a cold-blooded hero?

Year number: 1

5 episodes (all here to watch)

The average episode duration is 59 minutes.

"A fascinating look at how attitudes toward class and gender can influence the legal process," we say.

Silent Witness

Amanda Burton, who was formerly the lead pathologist for Sam Ryan for season 25, was made available.

Everyone wanted to know before the start of the series whether Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves) would finally get together or not.

Moreover, the main goal of the plot is to see Nikki trying to figure out if she can trust Sam or not...

25 seasons

Over 200 episodes!

The average episode length is 59 minutes.

"The high-stakes story, spanning all six episodes, sees Sam contact Nikki and her team following the shooting of her husband and a high-ranking politician," says the author.

You Don''''t Know Me

Tom Edge, the filmmaker who created the novel, has brought Imran Mahmood''s best-selling novel to the screens, which features an impressive raft of acting talents.

In a tense effort to preserve his freedom, a courtroom drama with Samuel Adewunmi tells the story of a young man accused of murder.

"At his trial, Hero tells an extraordinary story." It''s about Kyra, the lady he loves. It''s about how he risked everything to protect her. But in the end, everything you need to know is, yes.

One season in a row

All episodes of BBC iPlayer are now available.

Average episode length: 59 minutes

"It''s a deep and imaginative tale," critics say, complemented by Tom Edge''s tense storytelling.


In BBC1''s thrilling three-part prison drama starring Oscar Noelin, Sean Bean plays Mark Cobden, a guilt-ridden teacher who died when he accidentally killed an innocent man.

Mark is sentenced to four years in prison for befriending prisoner Eric McNally (Stephen Graham) who is doing everything he can to protect the prisoners from the dangers of living behind bars.

While Eric and Mark are separated from their pasts and uncertain of their futures, they may find refuge and the ability to move forward.

The number of seasons in question: 1

3 Episodes

Average episode length: 59 minutes

Despite the harrowing nature of some scenes, we say: "We''ve enjoyed watching Sean Bean and Stephen Graham in. But let''s face it, a Jimmy McGovern drama about prison life wasn''t going to be in any way gentle."

The Pursuit of Love

In this stunning story based on three women, all names have been changed. The need for anonymity is because Theresa (Sinead Keenan), Hannah (Amy James-Kelly, and Rosie (Genevieve OReilly) are trapped in a situation as part of Northern Ireland''s strict and divisive abortion laws.

Number of seasons: 1

2 Episodes

Average episode length: 59 minutes

"As subjects go, you cant get much more serious, poignant or brave," we said of the criticism, but the show has been a triumph as a result of a respectful, balanced approach, coupled with exceptional performance.

Line of Duty

Those who have seen the first episode of Season 6 have been watched more than 10 million times, so now is the time to catch up! Jed Mercurio''s favorite Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and DS Steve Arnott have all returned.

Hastings is enquiring about DCI Joanne Davidson, played by and star Kelly Macdonald in the final season. And will we finally know who H is? The previous 5 seasons are available to watch on iPlayer, too!

Six seasons in the series

38 episodes

58 minutes duration of episode average

"It''s cooking on gas once more with a belter of a first episode," we say.

Call the Midwife

The eleventh series, along with the Christmas special for 2021, has recently been released. There are also ten previous series to watch!

Helen George (Trixie Franklin), Jenny Agutter (Sister Julienne), Leonie Elliott (Lucille Anderson), and Linda Bassett (Phyllis Crane) all returned for season 11.

The BBC has announced that it will air its first episode of series 11, which includes "Its Easter 1967," and celebrations for a colorful Easter bonnet parade outside the Nonnatus House. Sister Monica Joan and Reggie are excited about the Eurovision Song Contest, while Cyril and Lucille settle into a blissful married life..."

11 seasons per season

96 (9 episodes per season, except seasons 1 and 11) episodes

The average episode duration is 58 minutes.

"While Christmas specials ofalways whet our appetites at the start of each season, there is nothing better than a whole series to get our teeth into. Enjoy the heartfelt and heartfelt drama from Nonnatus House.

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In this big new thriller, James Nesbitt stars. Set in Belfast, the six-part drama focuses on DCI Tom Brannick (Nesbitt), a dedicated father to daughter Izzy and a detective who has over 20 years of experience.

When a car is pulled from the river at Strangford Lough, Brannick and his DS Niamh McGovern (Ripper Streets Charlene McKenna) are called to investigate.

The vehicle belongs to Pat Keenan, a man with links to the IRA, who is nowhere to be found, but Brannick is evidently shaken when a postcard with an image of Belfast''s iconic Samson and Goliath cranes is discovered hidden in the wing mirror.

Brannick informs senior officer Jackie Twomey (s Lorcan Cranitch) that he fears the legendary serial killer named Goliath who escaped capture during The Troubles has returned. Its then revealed that one of the Goliath victims was Brannick''s own wife, Emma.

Season 2 of Notes is on the way.

The number of seasons as a result of this fact

6 episodes

Duration of each episode average: 58 minutes

James Nesbitt brings strength and sincerity to Brannick, and with twists and an almighty cliffhanger at the end of episode one, this looks like a new Sunday-night hit!

The Syndicate

Each season offollows a new story, and so far weve seen characters based in a Leedssupermarket, a public hospital inBradford, and even a crumbly stately house nearScarborough.

In Season 4, we follow a group of kennel workers who discover their employment is in danger before learning they have won the lottery.

When a newsagent called Frank (Neil Morrissey) tells them that the 500 winners have been done only for the group to later suspect that the 27million jackpot has been achieved.

Frank isn''t quite certain, yet there is one problem they can solve. Can they find him?

Frank takes it and it changes his life and the lives of everyone he serves, according to Neil Morrissey.

Number of seasons: 4 [only series 4 is currently available on iPlayer.]

6 Episodes

Average episode length: 58 minutes

"While it is never too demanding, it is constantly satisfying," says the Guardian.

Death in Paradise

Season 11 is the latest installment of this enormously popular drama. And if you''ve never seen this fantastic series before, all of the previous series are also available to watch. Neville (Ralf Little) and his team are attempting to investigate additional cases.

The film is very popular for its outlandish murder mysteries. Can you tell the story?

The number of seasons is 11 (season 12 is on course), plus a spin-off called )

Episodes: 8 per series

58 minutes of episode average

What the critics say: The Guardian wrote: (opens in a new tab) (BBC1) has evolved into a comfortable jumper of British television. It is familiar, warm, and reliable, and it continues to make a program that revolves around murder seem cosy and comforting.

Baptiste season 2

Tcheky Karyo returns as Julien Baptiste, a retired French police investigator, is at the heart of a brand new case. This time, he is assisting British Ambassador Emma Chambers (played by Fiona Shaw) in finding her missing family, while also dealing with his own family tragedy.

Karyo said that the present day has different time periods, but it''s 14 months ago. In the present day, we see Julien down and screaming at the world with his pain. His parents are a wreck. He is now losing his temper and drinking. This is his first day of adventure. There are a number of surprises.

Seasons for the Blind: 2

Seasons 6 and 2 of Season 2 are now available on iPlayer.

Average episode length: 56 minutes

What the critics say: The Guardian wrote: The mystery of what happened between the Chambers family kidnapping more than a year ago and the present day slowly builds, with the shows writers and brothers Harry and Jack Williams cleverly skipping between past and present.

Pose season 3

This intense drama reflects New York''s turbulent and ballroom history from the 1980s and 1990s, and examines the lives of people who, facing discrimination, fled into "houses," with a dominant Mother figure.

The final season of the much-loved LGBT drama finished airing in the United States earlier this year. The series just began airing in the United Kingdom in early August, but all eight episodes of the final season are available on BBC iPlayer right now!

Season 3 takes place four years after Season 2. As the AIDS epidemic continues, Blanca encourages LGBT families to seek better treatment for those who have AIDS, all while juggling motherhood and working as a nurse in an AIDS hospital ward.

Three seasons per season

26 (8 episodes in series 1 and 3, 10 in series 2)

Average episode length: 50 minutes

What IndieWire wrote: "Pose has made its unsavory mark on Hollywood, one that will not soon be forgotten. It earned the right to fantasize, dream big, and paint with broad and colorful brushstrokes."

What were the best new BBC dramas in 2020?


Peter Laurence, a talented politician who has his eye on the Prime Minister, stars Hugh Laurie (played by Helen McCrory). In the thriller penned by writer David Hare, Laurence has a slew of enemies and his life is fast going out of control...

Hugh claims to be a political drama about the price of success in the political arena, and what it demands of those who do it, and those around him. It''s quite unforgiving.

One season in a row

4 Episodes

58 minutes average episode length

What the critics say: The Daily Mail Christopher Stevens wrote: This story would be unbearably cynical, with any actor less like Hugh.


Tom Hollander, who plays Douglas Petersen in the playback for his wife, tells him she is not sure she will marry him anymore, is inspired by Starter''s hit film.

Douglas takes on a series of fascinating locations in Europe as they travel abroad for a variety of reasons. The series examines the wife''s love for him and her son, Albie, for a variety of reasons.

One season of seasons

4 Episodes

Average episode length: 58 minutes

What the critics say: Occasionally the middle-class, massive-kitchen-ness of can teeter just on the edge of smug, but in the end I was sad: The Guardian


This is a remake of the extraordinary drama, directed by Mike Bartlett, although neither Suranne Jones nor Jodie Comer reprise their roles. However, Victoria Hamilton returns as Gemmas'' neighbour from.

Anna Baker, who plays Belle in the cast, is now dating to rebuild her life after her divorce. tells the story of residents of a large house divided into four apartments. Belles'' life is ruined by Maya''s unexpected arrival (Erin Kellyman) and another concern when her ex-husband Neil (Adam James) becomes up in the series.

Alison Steadman, Peter Davison, and Adrian Lester are among the other stars in the cast.

Seasons of the Year: 1

6 Episodes

Average episode length: 58 minutes

What the critics say is that the new BBC1 series is a mixed bag: poignant one moment, profoundly cliched the next, before repurposing expectations again with an emotional gut-punch. (Opens in a new tab) - The Independent.

I May Destroy You

When it was shown on BBC1, this drama, which at times is unbelievably noisy, led to much more discussions about sexual assualt, consent, and racial identity.

Michaela Coel, who previously played in the comedy E4s, writes, co-directed, and executive it.

Arabella, a literary satirist, is discovered raped during a night out in London by flashbacks.

Arabella and her friends, Terry (Weruche Opia) and Kwame (Paapa Essiedu, who opens in a new tab, are following Arabella and her friends as she struggles to deal with what happened and seeks justice for her and other victims of sexual assault.

Seasons for a single season

12 Episodes

The average episode length is 28-35 minutes.

What the critics claim is that this drama would be the best of the year? (opens in a new tab) - The Guardian

A Suitable Boy

This controversial book adaptation by Vikram Seth (opens in a new tab) is thought to be one of the most expensive BBC series ever made.

Lata Maniktala, a university student who is expected to become the next member of her family to marry, was shot on location in Indian cities like Lucknow, Maheshwar, and Kanpur.

When Kabir, a native Hindu grandmother, meets with the Latas'' traditional family, but she falls for him.

Andrew Davies, the writer behind many of his television titles, was adapted for television.

One season in a row

6 Episodes

Average episode duration: 58-59 minutes

What the critics say: Settle down for an Indian summer of love with this ambitious adaptation (opens in a new tab) - The Evening Standard


After her worldwide success with the books, author J.K. Rowling wrote a series of novels titled Crime Cormoran Strike, under the pen name Robert Galbraith (opens in a new tab).

It took a long time for the mystery to be solved who wrote the books!

Tom Burke (from) plays the BBC adaptation character, alongside Holliday Grainger as Robin Ellacott, the partner-in-crime.

The first series (opens in a new tab) includes book adaptations, and.

Martin Shaw, Tara Fitzgerald, Sian Phillips, and Kierston Wareing are among the guest cast members (who played Kirsty Branning on ).

On iPlayer, a fourth adaptation (opens in a new tab) is now available for viewing.

Seasons of season: 4

11 episodes

Average episode length: 60 minutes

What the critics say is that if the television adaptation of the book series was not approved for Rowlings'' name (opens in a new tab) it''s impossible to wonder if the TV adaptation of the book series would have been completed, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Secrets She Keeps

This six-part Aussie psychological thriller is based on Michael Robotham''s same-name novel (opens in a new tab).

The story of Meghan (Jessica de Gouw) who appears to be having everything it is set in Sydney.

Meghan, a prolific online blogger, is pregnant with her third child and is married to a TV presenter, Jack (Michael Dorman, from the classic Aussie drama ).

Agatha (Laura Carmichael, who played Lady Edith Crawley in) is a pregnant supermarket employee, who appears to be alienated from her family. Plus the military man who gave her her pregnant isn''t ready to be a dad.

Two women come face-to-face one day and then OK, NO SPOILERS! Only to say that both characters are hiding some shady secrets that might turn lives upside down.

Listen for theme music, and for an alternate version of Kylies No.1 debut.

One season of seasons

6 Episodes

Average episode length: 43 minutes

What the critics say is the Yummy mummy thriller - The Guardian

Make Me Famous

Tilly Keeper, who played Louise Mitchell, is among the cast for this one-off BBC Three drama (opens in a new tab), directed by Reggie Yates, a TV presenter/director.

The downside of reality television performances is explored, as well as the consequences it has on TV participants and their relatives.

On a reality show called Love or Lust, Tom Brittney, who plays Will Davenport in an ITV detective drama.

Billy believed he would become an instant performer. Despite the success of the program, Billy is now discovering that fame and life in the spotlight isn''t everything he thought it would be.

Amanda Abbington is acting as Billy''s mum, Amanda. While ex-star, Emma Rigby is still working as a contestant on Love or Lust.

Seasons for each season: 1

1 Episode

The average episode length is 54 minutes.

What the critics claim is a reality television fable without much of a moral (opens in a new tab) - The Independent

Sitting In Limbo

Anthony Bryan, starred in one-time role, Patrick Robinson, and now opens in new tab, based on the real-life story of the Jamaican-born man who illegally immigrated to the United Kingdom when he was young.

He is now living in the United Kingdom for 50 years, when he was suddenly accused of being an illegal immigrant by the Home Office and being threatened with deportation.

Anthony was a member of the Windrush generation, who fled the United Kingdom before 1973 when he arrived.

Anthony and over 80 other black Britons were ludicrous in the political conflict documented in this drama.

The story, written by Bryans half-brother, and novelist Stephen S Thompson, exposes what happened when Bryan fought for the right to stay, and the implications of everything on Bryan''s family.

Seasons of Seasons: 1

1 episode

Average episode length: 86 minutes

What the critics argue is that the UK Windrush scandal drama is vital to viewing (opens in a new tab) - Den Of Geek

Normal People

The first broadcast on BBC Three, followed by weekly broadcasts on BBC1, is a one-of-a-kind event TV series that everyone seemed to be talking about at the time.

It''s an adaptation of Sally Rooney''s undisputed novel about the complicated relationship between school friends Marianne Sheridan (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell Waldron, who are both learning at Trinity College in Dublin.

The cast has since created several spoof comedy scenes for Comic Relief in Ireland, revealing what happens to Marianne and Connell in Normal Older People (opens in new tab), and the actors confess all confessions to a priest played by Andrew Scott.

One season of seasons

12 Episodes

The average episode length is 23 to 34 minutes.

What the critics claim is a genuine, engaging love story (opens in a new tab) - Vulture

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Small Axe

A series of films inspired and directed by Steve McQueen () was created and developed in the West Indian community of London from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. The BBC was described as a celebration of Black joy, beauty, love, friendship, family, and even food.

Five films show some of the most well-known artists, including John Boyega, Letitia Wright, Shaun Parkes, and Michael Ward, to name a few.

During the awards season this year, every film was heavily praised by critics (especially) and received plenty of attention, including leading the 2021 BAFTA TV Awards.

One season of seasonal variation

5 films per film

Average length: 60-60 minutes (is 127 minutes long)

What the critics say is that during a spectacular evening, McQueen gives his audience a dizzying, sensuous escape, and his characters a rare opportunity to truly be themselves. - Empire, on

Stateside series you don''''t want to miss!

Mrs. America

Cate Blanchett has been nominated for an Emmy Award for her role as real-life activist Phyllis Schlafly in this drama series about the womens liberation movement (opens in a new tab) in the 1970s.

Phyllis was active against feminism and abortion and believed that a woman''s place was in the house, dutifully supporting her husband. In the 1970s, she was aggressively battling the Equal Rights Act.

Phyllis is opposed to women of the time, including Gloria Steinem (played by Rose Byrne) and Betty Friedan (Tracey Ullman).

Dhavi Waller, a former writer for, a company that (opens in a new tab) has created a new book.

Jon Slattery, the Phylliss'' adolescent lawyer husband, appears in the series.

1 season in a row

9 episodes

Average episode length: 43-54 minutes

Cate Blanchett is a well-known anti-feminist from the 1970s (opens in a new tab) according to critics.

Fort Salem

With everything that is happening right now in the world, we may do with some supernatural protection from three kick-ass witches!

This challenging fantasy drama (also known as (opens in new tab) in the United States) follows Raelle Collar (played by Taylor Hickson, Scylla Ramshorn, and Tally Craven (Jessica Sutton), who is among the three witches in the US army!

The series is set in an alternate, present-day America in which women now rule the world.

After a horrific attack at a shopping mall, Raelle, Abigail, and Tally must use their army training and magical abilities to protect the country.

Season 2 is also available.

Trivia: Some of the writers who worked on the ancient witch language listened to on the series have created a copy of the text.

The number of seasons he has been assigned: 2

10 Episodes

The average episode length is from 41 to 51 minutes.

What the critics say is that it''s a witches-powered America that looks to be spooky (opens in a new tab) - E!

Good Trouble

This US drama is a separate story from the one about a diverse foster family living in San Diego, California.

It doesnt really matter if you have never seen the original series, as long as the (opens in a new tab) is basically its own thing.

Calie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) and her adopted sister, Mariana, join the group and start new lives and careers in Los Angeles.

The sisters live in a funky living area in downtown LA called The Coterie.

The apartment complex is managed by Gael (Tommy Martinez) and by bartender and politician Malika Adele.

If you like it, there''s something to behold: the series 4 has been renewed.

The number of seasons in the series: 4 (3 available on iPlayer)

31 Episodes

Average episode length: 42-50 minutes

What the critics claim: Good Trouble is TVs first and foremost fantastic Gen Z drama (opens in new tab) - Vox

Classic BBC dramas everyone should watch!

Waterloo Road

It has always been popular since it was added to iPlayer as a box set in 2019, and it''s easy to see why. Waterloo Road is nothing but your typical Manchester comprehensive school; although it''s packed with troublesome teens, the teachers are drawn into just as many issues as the pupils!

The show featured a wide range of actors including Phoebe Dynevor and Rege-Jean Page, Chelsee Healey, Jenna Coleman, and Adam Thomas, for a few reasons.

If you find yourself drawn in, there''s good news; season 11 is already in production and on its way later this year. Similar to the original series, the next season will examine contemporary issues with a whole new set of employees and students.

Season 11 of the Series will be limited to ten years.

200 Episodes

59 minutes average episode length

What the critics claim is:

Last Tango In Halifax

Celia Dawson (Anne Reid) and Alan Buttershaw, who have discovered a second chance for love 60 years since they first met, are centered around this Sally Wainwright-style comedy drama.

The two are separated after their children have convinced them to join Facebook.

Caroline Lancashire, Celias'' daughter, begins an affair with a female work colleague after being shocked on by her husband, Jean-Marie Gardner.

Gillian, Alans daughter, is in conflict with Paul (Sacha Dhawan) with her son, Raf (Josh Bolt).

After a lengthy break (opens in a new tab) due to writer Sallys'' many other projects, she was returned for a fifth series in 2020, which was watched by over 7 million people on BBC One.

Number of seasons: 5

24 Episodes

Average episode length: 60 minutes

What the critics say is a fantastic, bittersweet Sunday reconfuset (opens in a new tab) - The Guardian

Killing Eve

When Season 3, this BAFTA-winning spy-drama was released, mostly it received voice from telly critics, while Season 4, which has also received voicemails.

Season 1 of Phoebe Waller-Bridge of fame was the head writer and executive producer.

If you haven''t seen the series before, here''s how to follow the international cat-and-mouse chase between MI5 agent Eve Polastri (played by Sandra Oh of fame) and assassin, Villanelle (Jody Comer, who won a BAFTA for the role).

Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw, who also won a BAFTA for the role), the head of the Russian Section at MI6 who sends Eve off on various secret missions. Plus, Konstantin Vasilev (Kim Bodnia), who is Villanelles handler and a sort of father figure, is among the supporting characters.

The series began life as the novel, Codename Villanelle (opens in a new tab) by British author Luke Jennings. He has since written two sequels.

Seasons for each season

32 Episodes

Average episode length: 41 to 55 minutes

What the critics claim is that this once-thrilling comedy drama has become stale and predictable (opens in a new tab) - The Independent

The Killing

In this brilliant Danish crime series, Sofie Grabl has gone viral with international fame. Now that you have never seen it, you may have played it at any time because all three seasons are available on iPlayer. Fans were almost as captivated by the Lunds jumper collection as they were by the slow-burner cases.

Three seasons in a row

40 episodes

Average episode length: 56 minutes

On series two, the Guardian says, "For the great and abiding pleasure remains Grabl''s gloriously inscrutable expression in one of the finest ever demonstrations of undemonstrative acting."

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