At MegaCon, don't ask the undertaker to sign your 1991 trading cards

At MegaCon, don't ask the undertaker to sign your 1991 trading cards

If you wanted to bring your 1991 Undertaker classic WWF rookie trading card to MegaCon in Florida on May 20th, think again! Just in case, the Undertaker will not sign your 1991 Undertaker rookie card or, for good measure, any 1991 trading cards. He will also not sign any event tickets from WWE or WWF (which presumably means he will sign your AEW tickets if you want). Don''t worry!

How much will you pay for the privilege of The Undertaker writing his name on one of your (approved) possessions in a very specific, non-personal way? That will be $229 unless it''s on a belt, in which case it''s $249. Plus $99 if you want an additional HOF 22 inscription (that''s nearly $20 per character). If you were to sell one of those signed trading cards for $375 on ebay, then it wouldn''t be fair to The Undertaker

Megacon posted the rules on their website, the first time it was recognized by Wrestling Inc.

$229 per autograph (any item except belts) $249 per autograph on a BELT $99 for "HOF 22" inscription **UNDERTAKER WILL NOT SIGN ANY TRADING CARDS FROM 1991 **UNDERTAKER WILL NOT SIGN ANY WWE/WWF EVENT TICKETS


The Undertaker will be exhibiting at MegaCon on May 20th from 11AM to 3PM, and we advise you don''t attempt to look him directly in the eye, shake his hand, or god forbid hug him. And if you''re considering a 300 pounds weigh, chances are that he''ll have to climb up on the top rope first so you don''t have to lift you.

At MegaCon''s website, you may find out more about The Undertaker''s appearance.

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