Another Tony D & Escobar confrontation in NXT 2.0 Preview 8/9

Another Tony D & Escobar confrontation in NXT 2.0 Preview 8/9

In theTriple H era, the slow but steady changes in storytelling and presentation are beginning to develop. This is true as Triple H continues to remold the WWE empire in his vision, but there are certain benefits and a more organic feel to everything. Could that change tonight since we''re beginning to see a footing on the other big two shows?

The longest ongoing feud in the world right now has been between the two make-believe mob bosses, Tiny D''Angelo andSantos Escobar. This one has been uncovered for months now, each of which claims they are the true boss of the brand. It has also resulted in far too few matches between the two, with many awkward sit-downs between them, which can result in just a few minutes. Let''s see what has to say about tonight''

Santos Escobar is back to recuperate Legado del Fantasma from the D''Angelo family''s clutches.

Ever since Tony D''Angelo forced Legado del Fantasma to the fold, he fought to dismantle the faction and its leader, placing Escobar in the hospital for his disobedience. After a few weeks on the shelf, Escobar stunned "The Don" with his surprising return, smashing D''Angelo with a pair of brass knuckles to cost him and "Stacks" their chances at winning the Tag Team titles

As Legado del Fantasma parted ways with "The Family," an irate D''Angelo rub salt in his wounds before the two fierce rivals agreed to a final one-on-one agreement, the Emperor pulled La Familia to his side and laughed at D''Angelo''s misgivings.

What have the two bosses left to say to each other? Tuesday morning at 8/7 on USA!

We''ll also seeCora Jade,Nikkita Lyons, and Wes Lee face Trick Williamsin in a Rounds Match, which is described as "six three-minute rounds" with the first person to record two falls being named the winner.

Check out the USA Network tonight for all of the action.

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