Block'Em, a multiplayer party game, will be released in September

Block'Em, a multiplayer party game, will be released in September

Curve Games has announced that it will release its Cat Shawl Games'' next multiplayer party title this September. This is a fun little platforming racing title of sports in which you all play as these marshmallow-looking creatures who have the ability to create blocks in front of them or destroy blocks one at a time. Each of the five groups will get involved in winding mazes and challenging levels, whereas each one will be able to claim the small floating cube at the end of a maze. The game will also be available

2-4 players will be treated to a simple, addictive and fast-paced party game. It''s not just fireballs you might have to dodge, but your competitive side may benefit from this mix of platform and puzzle. The process of success is complex: players must be the first to reach the goal or the last Blocky standing.

  • Marvelous Multiplayer Up to 4 players online and local co-op
  • Build Bridges or Burn them An exciting mix of platform and puzzle! Find your way through the vibrant, chaotic arena. Watch out for the fireballs!
  • Push Friendships to the brink brings out your competitive side. A sure way to make friendships stronger or not!
  • May the best Block win! Beat your opponents in a race to the finish or be the last Block to survive.

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