Someone should create a game about pop band fightclubs

Someone should create a game about pop band fightclubs

I was struck upon, quite possibly, the greatest idea I''ve ever encountered in my life: a fantasy fighting league made up of your favorite 90s/00s pop bands. Im not talking about a DDR-style or rhythm game that involves matching beats. Im not talking about a Blaseball-style league where you can draft a.t.U. to defeat the living heck out of prime-era PJ and Duncan with power combos-based music video choreography. No, really, think about it

If you have watched enough S Club 7 videos freeze-frame any of the group choreography segments and tell me that Tinas movements aren''t a great analogy for Talim from Soulcalibur, or that Jo would not look horribly upside-down in a Voldo suit. Each band would come up with a specific set of moves and gear per their music videos, East-17, for example, would have an absurdly emo set involving power stances and a lot of confrontation (hello

It''s a full-fledged league with seasons similar to Blaseball, where you have to select your groups prior to the start of each season, and consider how to invest in your fighters. Consider the seamless team dynamics of Marvel vs. Capcom gameplay where Robbie was still in the band; a switch off early 00s breakdancing with Jedward before putting on the podium. At the core of their career, imagine a match where M2M fought and killed the floor.

Every season might be themed, with many devoted to these groups American counterparts you cant negate the pain-pleasure of translating the Backstreet Boys greatest video into combat or the thought of New Kids on The Block becoming extremely, satisfyingly violent. One season would include the fledgling proto-boyband days, even maybe genre veterans Bros, who watched with smooth moves and larger-than-life style like Ultimate KAOS, one of Simon Cowell''s first projects. Cowell, by the way, started his career in

Due to the importance of using real bands in a combat game, this would have to be a fantasy league setting. It would be heinously overdone as a real game rather than to have it manifest in flesh and bone. Dig deep into your memories, elder millennials, and say I am wrong.

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