I just murdered my father: Is it a true story? Where is Anthony Templet right now?

I just murdered my father: Is it a true story? Where is Anthony Templet right now?

The latest true crime documentary to be released on Netflix. However, what appears to be a simple privileged-rich-kid-kills-his-father type crime soon unravels disturbing family secrets that have been ignored for years.

The makers of, the film premieres with a teenager Anthony Templet calling 911 from his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on June 3, 2019 at around 3.15am, and simply telling the operator: ''I just killed my dad.''

The cops are surprised to discover Anthony waiting for them on the drive of his property, where he willingly hands himself in and cooperates as they cuff him and put him in the back of a police car. However, the fact that Anthony does not appear to be showing any emotion at all, odd for someone who has just shot their own father, alerts the cops to the fact that something about this crime doesn''t quite rise.

Anthony Templet, who is he, why did he murder his own father, and where is he right now? Here''s everything you need to know about him...

I Just Killed My Dad: Is it a true story?

Yes, this is a true crime documentary, and therefore Anthony Templet''s story is entirely true. One unusual feature to the Netflix documentary is that he is also interviewed at various stages throughout the three episodes.

Why did Anthony Templet kill his dad?

One of Anthony Templet''s most significant items is that he has never denied shooting his own father for one second. As soon as he was investigated by the police, Anthony detailed how he shot Bert Templet three times following an argument while the two of them were sitting at the family house.

Anthony always claimed to be acting in self-defence and concerned for his own safety when his dad was shot. However, while at first the police couldn''t see any signs of abuse on him, family secrets soon began to unravel, and it turned out that what had happened behind the closed doors of the property was far worse than anyone could have imagined.

After being examined by the ambulance, Bert was still alive when his son was shot, but he died three days later. However, when the officers began their inquiries, something troubling about the Templet family came to light. Not only did none of the neighbors have a good thing to say about Bert, but they also knew very little about him, with some neighbors declaring that they had never seen him before.

What was Anthony Templet arrested for?

Anthony was initially booked for manslaughter (killing without malicious intent) but the term later changed to second-degree murder as further evidence erupted. It''s possible that the case had been moved from a juvenile to an adult court, thus it would have resulted in him receiving a life sentence if found guilty at trial.

How was Anthony Templet kidnapped?

Anthony admitted to the police that he didn''t know simple things like his birthday or his own address. This quickly became aware that they were not dealing with a straight forward murder anymore. Not only was Anthony kept indoors by his father throughout his childhood, but there was also security cameras everywhere around the house, and a tracker on Anthony''s phone, making him happy. When he went to work, his dad could watch his every move.

Elena Fennell, Anthony''s co-worker at a local garden nursery, heard about the shooting and realized that something wasn''t right. After working with Anthony for a while, she discovered that he had no friends his age or even known his biological mother.

Elena met Shayna Landry, a DNA and genealogy researcher, to discover Anthony''s biological mother at the age of five, and it soon emerged that Anthony was kidnapped by his father Burt, who then raised him after telling him that his mother was a drug addict who wanted nothing to do with him.

While Anthony was at his grandmothers house with the help of the cops, Burt stole Anthony. It was only when Teresa was tracked down that Bert''s history of mental and physical abuse was discovered.

Who is Susan Templet in I Just Killed My Dad?

Susan is Anthony''s stepmom, and she and her son Peyton lived with Anthony and Bert until about six months before the shooting. Both Susan and Peyton were also victims of Bert''s physical and emotional abuse, which eventually helped prove exactly what type of man Bert was before he died.

Both Susan and Peyton have stood by Anthony since the shooting and have campaigned to prove that he acted in self-defense.

In One Hour of I Just Killed My Dad, Who is Jarrett Ambeau?

Jarrett Ambeau is Anthony''s defense attorney and has fought for his innocence since they met. After seeing something of his own terrible childhood in Anthony, Jarrett promised to assist him get out of jail on a pro-bono basis, meaning he didn''t charge him a penny.

Eventually, psychiatrists told the jury that Anthony was not a threat to society, and the district attorney office admitted there was evidence that Anthony was a troubled boy who had dealt with a difficult childhood. It was then agreed that the prosecution must not proceed.

Speaking in a documentary about his hopes for Anthony in the future, Jarrett said: "I have a strong desire and desire for Anthony to be successful in life; he left an immense hopeless life; no one was involved in helping him until he shot his father."

Where is Anthony Templet now?

Anthony pleaded no contest to negligent homicide for his father''s death, but he received a five-year probation period as part of the program. He must attend therapy sessions, wear a tag, and have to study to obtain a high-school diploma.

Is there a trailer for I Just Killed My Dad?

Yes, the trailer demonstrates how Anthony Templet''s story stretches back to the moment he makes the 911 call after shooting his own father...

Where can I watch I Just Killed My Dad?

All three episodes ofare now available on Netflix.

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