'My brother would never have done Celebrity MasterChef,' says Paul Chuckle

'My brother would never have done Celebrity MasterChef,' says Paul Chuckle

It''s heating up in the kitchen once more with a new batch of famous faces, including Paul Chuckle, all hoping that their culinary skills will inspire formidable judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace in 2022.

Danny Jones, McFly''s star and judge, Kae Kurd, media personality Nancy DellOlio, and comedian and actor Paul Chuckle are all competing in the heat one.

Paul Chuckle, a half of the famous comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers, who died of cancer in 2018, has always wanted to do it. Here Paul discusses his experiences and his views.

"I''m finding cooking incredibly relaxing. It''s a bit like painting, but you start by using a blank canvas and end up with something that tastes really nice." So I jumped at the chance.

"It reminded me of having your exams at school and not being permitted to turn your paper over until they say you can start. I lifted off the cloche to find mushrooms underneath. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I made an offer and just went with it."

"It was like going to see a school teacher with your homework. I received some good comments, but they explained me where I''d gone wrong. They were great helpful and I really learned a lot."

"Probably because I''ve been performing on stage for 58 years. Unlike home cooking, you don''t have to stress the process, although in the kitchen, you''ve had a day to prepare, cook, and serve it, then there''s still ten minutes left. "I''m adamantly sorry to hear from anyone who is feeling the pain."

"I think he''d continue working on showbusiness when he got sick," Barry said. I know he wouldn''t do it himself. "I''m always saying: "I couldn''t be going into the kitchen and doing all that, it''s like hard work!"

On BBC One on Wednesday and August 10, 2022 will begin with episodes covering Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (times vary, either 8pm or 9pm) every week.

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