Season 2 premiere dates, cast, plot, and everything we know about the sequels continue to be revealed

Season 2 premiere dates, cast, plot, and everything we know about the sequels continue to be reveale

In 2020, the impact of a babys kidnapping had been huge.

As troubled Brit Agatha Fyfle (Laura Carmichael) faces off with the consequences of abducting her newborn Ben Shaughnessy, while Bens devastated mum Meghan (Jessica De Gouw) is struggling to get her family back on track after their ordeal.

Here''s all we know about two things:

The Secrets She Keeps season 2 release date

The six-part season of BBC One begins on Saturday, August 13, at 9.15pm.

All episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer, where the first season is also available. The drama is also currently streaming on Paramount+ in Australia and will air on Sundance Now in the United States. This guide will be updated with a US air date as soon as it is revealed.

Whos in season 2 of The Secrets She?

Laura Carmichael has returned as Agatha Fyfle, a mixed-up who carried out the kidnapping of baby Ben in season one. Meanwhile, Jessica De Gouw, who is best known forand returns as Bens anxious mother, Meghan.

Todd Lasance takes over the role of Meghan''s adulterous husband, sports reporter Jack, from Michael Dorman, while Ryan Corr is back as his best friend Simon, who had a secret fling with Meghan and might be Bens dad. Meghan''s sister Grace is also back.

Miranda Frangou is joined by Lorelei King, a self-proclaimed student podcaster who will stop at nothing to show a different aspect of Agathas'' story and obtain an interview with a reluctant Meghan.

Season 2 of The Secrets She Keeps What Happens to Agatha?

Agatha and Meghan are both dealing with the terrible effects of what happened two years ago, but soon they have to hide even more worrying secrets.

Agatha is facing a maximum-security prison and is being held on the verge of serving a sentence for kidnapping baby Ben and the manslaughter of two other infants she previously murdered. She is also reassuring as she was discovered by an elder in her homes'' church as a teenager. After her baby was removed from her, she later gave birth to a stillborn child.

A lot of her behaviour is unanswered, and she has caused a lot of anxiety, but we all know why she does these things. As an actor, you must know how a character became to where they are, according to Laura. Agatha is in a position today where you can see the terrible things she has done, but you still have an incredible empathy for her.

Agatha is being brutally targeted by vengeful fellow prisoners, but her life will soon follow another frightening path.

She is locked in jail, so it''s very difficult and she is concerned there. However, she always has something, teases Laura. This may be the time when things work out for her. But for both Agatha and Meghan, their tales take a different direction.

  • Laura Carmichael stuns fans with sickening turn in

Meghan Stays in Season 2 of The Secrets

Meghan is concerned that Ben, who is now a toddler, has adversely affected his development, as he is not reaching milestones that she believes he should be, and that her two older children are also concerned.

Jessica says she believes that Season two of the depths of loss these individuals experience. "In the first series we saw them undergo terrible trauma and now, in season 2, we see the consequences of trauma and Meghan attempting to stop the cycle, which is so difficult to do. It''s a emotional roller coaster."

Loreleis'' persistence is worrying Meghan, while her husband Jack is attempting to prevent his previous relationship with Rhea (Jenni Baird) from being made public, and Meghan is also trying to conceal her own abusive relationship with Simon, who now dating Meghans sister Grace.

What if the action continues ten weeks, why has a blood-stained Meghan been detained?

"Tonally, it''s a different approach from the previous season," Jessica adds. It''s dark and atmospheric, and we look into these characters'' lives in a much deeper light.

Is There a trailer for Season 2 of The Secrets She?

Yes, it demonstrates the wrath of Agatha''s case as she, Meghan and Jack head to court for her sentencing. Meghan reveals how her ''good'' life has been ruined by Agatha and a mysterious woman asks her to tell her everything. It''s slated to be a blitzy series with guns, fire, and ammunition!

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