Overloop has been confirmed for PC and console release in Q4 2022

Overloop has been confirmed for PC and console release in Q4 2022

In Q4 2022, Digerati and its upcoming game Overloop will be available on PC and consoles. This is an explosive alien character where you play a hero trying to overthrow a dystopian society. The action is impressive, as they''ve uncovered a nice learn-and-repeat mechanic.

Become a puzzle-platformer in a dystopian world and experience an ethically compromised future where cloning technology has wreaked havoc on humanity - and it''s all your fault! As an employee of nefarious megacorp, Infinity Inc., and the inventor of its Quantic Matter Replication Device (also known as the QMRD, the cause of the world going to hell in a handbasket), it''s up to you to sort out the mess you created.

  • Create clones!Make endless copies of yourself with the cloning gun and use your perfectly formed doppelgangers up to four at once to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles
  • Sacrifice clones!Dystopias are very dangerous places, and many clones will suffer hilariously gruesome deaths along the way. Fried! Crushed! Mangled! Minced! RIP clones :(
  • Explore a world of weirdness!From suspiciously friendly AI and cultish crackpots, to modified corn and cloned panda bears. This freaky future has (almost) everything!
  • Think about ethics!Is it better that a clone should die, rather than the real you? Consider the morality of human cloning as you condemn countless versions of yourself to death
  • Have a mustache!Play as a hero with sweet facial hair. Purely cosmetic. Totally badass

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