When Peter Parker Meets Mary Jane Watson (Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers)

When Peter Parker Meets Mary Jane Watson (Amazing Spider-Man Spoilers)

Due to the vagaries of comic book publishing, Peter Parker previously met with his ex, Mary Jane, on the island of Krakoa, for the Hellfire Gala, although she wasn''t herself. Today, for Peter Parker, it is the first time he has met Mary Jane in six months after whatever Peter did, which we have no clue about. #2 is not the false start.

Norman Osborn is the world''s most notorious matchmaker. He may be all altruistic now following the events of the Sin Eater, but that does not always mean that altruism is well placed.

Note the key work of John Romita here: recognizing the blandest, nondescript facial expressions you may experience in the ennui. It''s all, naturally, a simple act.

Especially when Paul arrives, the man who Mary Jane is now living with, as well as (somehow) their kids. And a little dream sequence to boot. But who is dreaming. Performs best with the switch art techniques and expressions, in contrast to the previous panels.

Before going back to the mundane quagmire of it all, here''s what you need to give.

With Mary Jane about to be posed at the Hellfire Gala by the robotic version of Moira MacTaggert, and Grey, Spider-Man, and Wolverine are on the lookout for it, before embarking into the next X-Men event with Dark Web. It''s hard to catch up, and printing delays make it even harder than usual so, what did Peter Parker do? He left the toilet seat up again, right? Probably webbed it into place.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7 MARVEL COMICS MAY220863 (W) Zeb Wells (A) Patrick Gleason (CA) John Romita Norman Osborn is back! But what does he have planned for Spider-Man? One of the greatest Spider-Focusty status quo changes in years is here! SRP: $3.99

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